Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: Analysis of Askren's Fighting Style

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: Analysis of Askren’s Fighting Style

Written by on March 26, 2021

Odds on the Jake Paul versus Ben Askren fight changed big time last week. Heading into the week, Paul was a -150 favorite. In the span of 7 days, the odds on JP have gone from -150 to -200. Jake is now a 2-to-1 favorite to beat Ben Askren. 

Nobody knows if the odds are justified. The Askren versus Paul is so unique, a YouTuber versus a mixed-martial-arts wrestler, that justifying any odds is a challenge. But we do know some things. 

First, we know that JP will try to knockout Ben Askren. Second, we know that Askren versus Paul could end up being one of the most watched pay-per-view boxing events in history. Finally, we know that to win the bout, Ben Askren won’t box. Instead, he’ll use his MMA and wrestling skills. With that in mind, let’s check out our latest update for the fight so you can keep planning your bets against their Boxing odds.

Askren Will Use His Wrestling Skills Versus Jake Paul 

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Fight Info

 How can Ben Askren use his wrestling skills to beat Jake Paul?

Ben Askren is one of the most accomplished collegiate wrestlers in history. As a mixed-martial-arts pro, Askren built a fantastic record where he won 19 and lost 2. One loss happened via a flash knockout knee to the head. The other was a submission loss to Demian Maia.

Those who are backing Jake Paul believe the YouTube star has better boxing skills than Ben Askren. But even if it’s true, Askren can use what he does best to give him an edge in the boxing ring.

Ben can’t grapple with his hands, but he can move Jake into bad positions

Wrestlers attempt to subdue their opponents by putting rivals into bad positions. Boxers do the same thing. In boxing, it’s called winning the angle

When a boxer wins the angle, the boxer has a chance throw more effective punches. Askren knows how to win angles in wrestling. He can use those same angle winning skills in wrestling against Jake Paul.

Another thing that wrestlers and boxers both do is clinch. Although in boxing clinching is mostly used to prevent an opponent’s onslaught, a technique the very best boxers use is to lean into or onto your opponent in the clinch.

While clinching, Askren will attempt to tire Paul by leaning into his chest. If possible, he will try to put weight onto the back of JP’s neck or on Jake’s forearms. Doing so, forcing Paul to carry Askren’s weight, could tire out the favorite.

There’s another wrestling technique Askren could use to his benefit. Wrestler place their opponents into bad positions by spinning their rivals. Although it sounds impossible, good boxers spin opponents all the time.

The way to spin an opponent in boxing is to use one gloved hand and place it onto the opponent’s elbow. The boxer then side-steps and turns while pushing the elbow in the opposite direction. 

Another great wrestling technique Askren most definitely will use is to get inside position, meaning Askren’s arms are inside of Paul’s arms. If Ben does this, he’ll be in a position to throw punches to Jake’s chest and midsection as well as throw uppercuts to JP’s chin. Whatever Paul throws won’t be nearly as effective because his arms and hands are in a bad position.   

Although boxing and wrestling are two different disciplines, the very best boxers use some wrestling techniques. If Askren uses his wrestling skills against Jake Paul, his chances of winning the fight rise.

Don’t be surprised Ben Askren doesn’t fight like a boxer when he steps into the ring against Jake Paul. A boxing match that involves one guy wrestling inside and another trying to throw punches won’t make for a pretty match. 

But it will be entertaining to see how JP reacts if he can’t get Askren off his chest for enough to throw an effective punch. 


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