Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II Boxing Betting Analysis & Odds

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II Boxing Betting Analysis & Odds

On Saturday night, Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul dance for the second time. Woodley is a replacement for Tommy Fury, who suffered an injury during training that will keep him from boxing Paul. But just because Woodley is the replacement fighter, it doesn’t mean he has no shot. Based on the last fight, Woodley has a huge chance to beat Jake. Check out why you should consider backing Paul, why should think about throwing your money behind Woodley, and a final Boxing Betting analysis for this highly anticipated rematch. 

Celebrity Boxing Update: Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 Final Analysis

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 Odds & Fight Info

  • When: Saturday, Dec. 18
  • Where: Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL
  • TV / Streaming: Showtime PPV
  • Boxing Odds: Paul -250 / Woodley +190

Why bet on Jake Paul at -250?

Paul won the last fight and he fully admits he wasn’t himself. Jake talked about how he felt he didn’t have any legs before stepping into the ring. No doubt, Paul was nervous.

He won’t be nervous on Saturday. He knows what Tyron Woodley is all about, which is the reason that unlike the last fight, Jake Paul will step between the ropes a big favorite instead of a lukewarm choice. 

Why bet on Tyron Woodley at +190

If Woodley looks back at the fight, he realizes he failed to do some things that could have led to an easy victory. Tyron wasn’t as aggressive as he should have been and he didn’t take advantage of huge openings in Jake’s defense. 

On Saturday night, Woodley will make the necessary adjustments. Also, Tyron has been training almost every day since the last fight. He’s ready. 

Final Betting Prediction: Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2

Often, a boxer heads into the ring in the second fight understanding what he did wrong in the first fight. No doubt, Jake Paul will be more prepared for Tyron Woodley in the second go around. 

One of the things about the Paul Brothers is that for all their bluster and bravado, they take boxing seriously. Jake Paul has the drive to be a good boxer. He most certainly will be in a better position to beat Woodley on Saturday than he was in the first fight.

But because he won the first fight, Paul is a much bigger favorite this time, which makes him the tougher fighter back. Yes, Paul will be less nervous. He should have better footwork and he should be better conditioned.

But none of that means he beats Tyron Woodley. And it definitely doesn’t mean Jake is a good bet at -250.

The thing about Tyron is that he’s a professional MMA fighter who is used to making adjustments. To win on Saturday night, the adjustments Woodley must make are simple.  

Woodley had Paul in trouble, but wasn’t nearly aggressive enough. So the first adjustment is simply to be more aggressive.

The second adjustment is to dictate the flow of the match by adjusting in the ring. What that means is getting to the correct spot, creating angles, outside of Jake’s feet.

Woodley spent too much time right in front of Jake. What Tyron must do is go back to his MMA training. The best strikes, no matter if it’s a kick or a punch, is to be on the outside of your opponents foot. 

This prevents your opponent from countering effectively. Jake Paul doesn’t have great footwork. So the more Woodley pressures Jake’s feet, the more he makes Paul adjust to where he is in the ring, the better it is for Tyron.

Will Woodley force Jake to move into bad positions? The prediction here is, yes, he will. Woodley has had months to work on feet placement and positioning. He’s always had good footwork while his opponent on Saturday may never develop decent footwork.

If Woodley uses his feet to pressure Jake into bad positions, he should win this fight via knockout or technical knockout.   

Boxing Pick: Tyron Woodley via TKO or KO


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