Top Boxing Fights to Bet On KSI Double Fight the Same Night, and 3 Other Bouts Highlights Weekend

Top Boxing Fights to Bet On: KSI Double Fight the Same Night, and 3 Other Bouts Highlights Weekend

KSI believes he’s a good enough boxer not only to beat up fellow rapper and YouTuber Swarmz but also to take down a professional boxer on the same night. KSI will box a couple of different fighters. First, he’ll attempt to beat Brandon Scott, which is Swarmz’s real name. Then Olajide Olatunji, which is KSI’s real name, will step back into the ring to box Luis Alcaraz Pineda. In the top professional bout of the night, Richard Commey returns an underdog versus veteran Jose Pedraza. Check out Boxing Lines, analysis, and free picks for five of Saturday night’s top boxing matches. 

KSI Fight Two Opponents On the Same Night | Boxing Lines and Betting Picks

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  • When: Saturday, August 27

Brandon Scott (Swarmz) +571 vs Olajide Olatunji (KSI) -1666

From the opening bell, KSI should swarm Scott with punches. The English rapper turned boxer outworked Logan Paul in his only professional fight. 

Olatunji heads into this bout versus Scott with a 1-0 record. Although Brandon will put up a decent effort, he has no shot unless Olatunji shows up in terrible shape. Scott has trained hard. Unfortunately, he appears to throw punches over his front foot, which means he’ll have zero power. KSI wins his first match. 

Boxing Pick: Olajide Olatunji

Luis Alcaraz Pineda +307 vs Olajide Olatunji (KSI) -555

Olatunji couldn’t have chosen a better opponent for his second match. Sure, Luis Alcaraz Pineda is a professional boxer. Pineda, though, falls into that category of pro pugilist who enters the ring to make his opponent look good.

Pineda has a 2-5 record. The Mexican born fighter has lost 4 bouts via knockout. But although Pineda should serve as the sacrificial lamb to Olatunji’s boxing prowess, KSI could be in tough. If Swarmz doesn’t go down easily, and it’s doubtful he will, Olatunji must head back to the locker room and ready himself for a pro.

The odds don’t correctly reflect Pineda’s chances. He’s terrible, but he’s a professionally trained boxer who lasted the full four rounds in his last bout. Pineda will put forth an effort that could lead to a massive upset win.  

Boxing Pick: Luis Alcaraz Pineda  

Jozsef Darmos +954 vs Efe Ajagba -10000

On paper, Darmos has a chance to win this. The Hungarian boxer has a decent 14-4-3 record with 10 knockout or technical knockout wins. 

But Darmos has lost 2 of his last 4 bouts. Almost as important? Opponent Efe Ajagba is 15-1 with 12 knockout victories. Not only that, but although Ajagba lost his last fight, it was versus then 18-0 and now 19-0 Frank Sanchez. 

Ajagba should win this. Consider a round prop on the favorite to get Darmos out of the ring before the final bell.  

Boxing Pick: Efe Ajagba   

Miljan Rovcanin +956 vs Jared Anderson -10000 

Anderson is 11-0 with 11 knockout wins. Sometimes a boxer produces a stunning record like Jared’s and we write it off as the boxer throwing down on the cupcake circuit. 

But that isn’t the case with Anderson. Jared has built his awesome record against good boxers. Oleksandr Teselenko was 17-0 when Anderson knocked him out. 

Vladimir Tereshkin was 22-0-1 at the time Anderson ended his night. Jared will KO 24-2 Miljan Rovcanin. Look for a knockout round prop before baking Anderson on the moneyline.  

Boxing Pick: Jared Anderson   

Richard Commey +190 vs Jose Pedraza -294

Commey hasn’t stepped into the ring since a loss to Vasyl Lomachenko in 2021. Due to the layoff, and the fact Pedraza fought great in a losing effort versus Jose Carlos Ramirez, are the main reasons Commey is such a big underdog.

Pedraza is in better form. But Commey can still throw hard. He’s a good enough boxer to keep this close. If their wasn’t such a big difference in odds, backing Pedraza would be a no-brainer. But Commey has a better chance than +190 to win this fight, which makes Richard an overlay. 

Boxing Pick: Richard Commey


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