Possible Floyd Mayweather Jr. Exhibition Fights - Boxing Lines

Possible Floyd Mayweather Jr. Exhibition Fights – Boxing Lines

Written by on February 5, 2021

Fanmio, the organization that was going to host the Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Logan Paul fight on February 20, postponed the event to a later date. Although we may not see Floyd fight in February, the Great One did let loose a tweet storm on February 3 where he discussed the fight with Logan, and a couple of other potential bouts. Check out how Money plans to spend his time this year so you can be aware of his possible upcoming fights and bet against his Floyd Mayweather odds.

Potential Money Mayweather Exhibitions in 2021

Floyd Vs Logan is postponed not cancelled

The one thing the Floyd wants everyone to know? The fight with Logan is postponed not canceled. Fanmio CEO Solomon Engel didn’t say why they postponed the fight. There could be various reasons, one of which has to do with Floyd himself.

If Mayweather Jr. doesn’t feel he’s ready, Fanmio won’t force him to fight. Nobody would. He’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

The good news? Floyd will fight Logan. The fight may happen soon, or after the Jake Paul versus Ben Askren fight in April. 

If Jake Paul beats Ben Askren, Floyd said he’d fight him

In his tweets, Mayweather said he’d fight Jake Paul if Jake beats Ben Askren in his next bout. Many feel JP would give Floyd a better fight than LP.

Jake Paul has more boxing experience. That alone could make him a tougher opponent. But there are a few things that must happen before either Jake or Floyd signs the contract.

First, Paul must get by Ben Askren. Askren is a real fighter. He fought for a Bellator title and fought at UFC. He’s no joke. After watching him pound a heavy bag emblazoned with Paul’s face, it’s obvious he’s a serious individual who will give JP a fight.

But if you look closely at the video, you’ll notice that Askren doesn’t have a boxer’s stance. Hopefully, he’s got a real boxing trainer in his corner. The bout isn’t until April 17. So if Ben reads this, change your stance. Become a boxer and take the fight seriously. 

Another issue standing in Jake’s way is his insistence on splitting the purse 50 / 50 with Floyd. Nobody fights Mayweather and gets 50% of the purse. Jake’s out of his mind if he thinks Money goes for that.  

Money Vs 50 Cent would be the most interesting exhibition in history

Hopefully, Floyd and 50 can get it done. Curtis Jackson said that he’d fight Mayweather, but that Floyd is “too small”. Floyd’s response was that he didn’t care about weight class with any them, the Paul brothers, or 50.

Mayweather also said that the Paul brothers would “make great money with the events” but that if he fought Jackson it would “be winner take all.” 50 Cent may take Mayweather Jr. up on it if it is winner-take-all.

We’re going to have to wait and see if 50 versus Floyd is reality or talk. If Jake Paul gets past Ben Askren, a JP versus Floyd fight could be a sure thing if the brother not named Logan gets off his high horse. Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still a go even though the date of the fight has changed. 

Keep your ears peeled for the new fight date. In the meantime, handicap real pugilist bouts and back professional fighters in meaningful boxing matches.


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