Boxing Betting Update Rapper Rick Ross Offers $10 Millions to Anybody Fight Jake Paul

Boxing Betting Update: Rapper Rick Ross Offers $10 Millions to Anybody Fight Jake Paul

After Tommy Fury couldn’t secure a visa to travel to the United States, and after Hasim Rahman Jr. pulled out of a scheduled bout, Jake Paul went back to the drawing board. The good news if you’re a JP fan is that on August 24, Paul said he plans on fighting in October. Against whom is the big question. Check out how rapper Rick Ross sweetened the pot to attract an opponent, read why Rahman Jr. pulled out of the bout, and check out who is on the list to step into the ring versus the world’s top celebrity boxer so you can plan your bets against the Jake Paul Odds.

Rick Ross Offers $10 Mil to Anyone Willing to Fight Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s Next Fight

  • When: October, 2022

Why did Hasim Rahman Jr. pull out of his scheduled bout with Jake Paul?

Jake Paul and his team insisted that Hasim Rahman Jr. come down from 230 pounds to 200. Rahman Jr. said it was impossible for him to lose that much weight and claimed that Jake Paul was scared. 

To be fair to Jake, all Paul and his camp was asking is that Rahman Jr. show up at the contractually agreed upon weight. So no matter what anybody believes, Paul, who is a cruiserweight at best and looks more like a light heavyweight, was well within his rights to call off the bout.

Boxing is a brutal sports. So we can’t ding JP for deciding not fight a man that’s roughly 30 pounds heavier than he is. No doubt, Rahman really couldn’t make weight. But that’s not Jake’s fault.

Why is Rick Ross putting up and extra $10 million for Jake’s next fight?

Tommy Fury got injured and then couldn’t get a visa. Rahman couldn’t make weight and then blamed it on Jake. Such is the life of a celebrity boxer who wants to fight a legit pugilist but must find the perfect opponent, one who will challenge him without actually winning.

Because it’s been so difficult for Paul to find the perfect opponent, rapper Rick Ross has decided to put up $10 million to make a fight happen.

Ross sent out an Instagram message, “Since everyone seems to be afraid to fight @jakepaul I’m down to put another 10million on top to make the fight match happen. What fight would you want to see?” along with a photo of Jake and himself. 

The rapper isn’t making a joke. He wants to see 5-0 Jake Paul fight and he wants to see a good fight. Based on Jake’s August 24 tweet, an opponent has already taken the bait. 

JP said he’s fighting in October, but against who?

Paul tweeted that he has signed a fighter to take him on sometime in October. So far, we don’t know who the mystery opponent is.

We also don’t know when in October the fight will take place or whom against. What we do know is that Jake is excited to get back into the ring and that since he’s called out pretty much every UFC fighter on the planet, there’s a chance his next opponent could be someone like Jorge Masvidal, former UFC titlist Michael Bisping, or some other mixed-martial-artist. 

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