Top Boxing Matches to Bet On No Big Fights But Plenty of Great Weekend Action

Top Boxing Matches to Bet On: No Big Fights But Plenty of Great Weekend Action

There isn’t a significant boxing event this weekend, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any great or playable boxing matches. The two most intriguing fights happen in Newcastle, England when Chris Jenkins takes on Florian Marku, and Savannah Marshall battles Femke Hermans for the WBO Women’s Middleweight title. Check out Boxing Odds, analysis and free picks for Jenkins versus Marku, Marshall versus Hermans, and three other terrific boxing matches.   

No Major Bouts But Plenty of Great Boxing Action | Boxing Lines

Top Boxing Events

  • When: Saturday, April 2

April Hunter -2500 vs Ester Koneca +950

  • Time: 9:00 am ET

Czech Republic boxer Ester Koneca is 1-14-1. The good news if you want to consider backing Koneca is that she’s lost just one time via knockout.

But a 1-14-1 record is bad. It’s downright awful, actually, which is why April Hunter should easily win. Hunter is 4-1. The chalk lost her last bout on points but will bounce back with a victory on Saturday. The favorite should get her first knockout win. 

Boxing Pick: April Hunter  

Jack Kilganon vs Zak Chelli 

  • Time: 10:00 am ET

10-1-1 with 5 knockout wins, Zak Chelli was supposed to fight Tomasz Adamek. Then, Chelli was supposed to take on Diego Costa but Costa couldn’t make weight. 

So, now, Chelli fights Jack Kilganon. Once odds are set, Chelli won’t be a -3000 chalk the way he was if he had fought Tomasz Adamek. Kilganon has an 11-0 record with 3 knockout victories.

We should get fair odds on either boxer. Chelli is the play no matter the odds because he’s got more power and has been training to fight on Saturday while Kilganon might not in his best possible shape.    

Boxing Pick: Zak Chelli  

Bradley Rea -2500 vs Lukas Ndafoluma+950 

  • Time: 11:00 am ET

Lukas Ndafoluma has a decent 20-1 record with 10 knockout victories. Most of Lukas’ wins have happened in his home nation of Namibia, which won’t be an issue. Nations in Africa have underrated boxing schools.

Bradley Rea is younger than Ndafoluma, 24 to 36, but has fought just 12 times. We’d worry about Rea, but he has knocked out 5 opponents, including beating then 8-0-1 Craig McCarthy via TKO in the first round in his last bout. The chalk wins. 

Boxing Pick: Bradley Rea 

Marcos Nader -750 vs Marten Arsumanjen +415 

  • Time: 12:00 pm ET

Austrian boxer Marcos Nader has a fantastic record. Nader is 23-1-1. We must question the chalk’s qualify of opponents, though, because he’s won just 5 via TKO or KO. 

Marten Arsumanjen is 11-1-2. Arsumanjen has fought primarily in Germany. He won a split-decision in his last bout. Nader has the more impressive record, but Arsumanjen may have fought the better opponents. The odds difference should be closer, which means the dog is an overlay.   

Boxing Pick: Marten Arsumanjen  

Chris Jenkins +285 vs. Florian Marku -375 | 10-Rounds – IBF International Welterweight Title  

  • Time: 12:00 am ET

23-4-3 with 8 knockout wins and 1 loss, Chris Jenkins is a solid boxer. In his last couple of fights, the 33-year-old bounced back from a loss to then 14-0 Ekow Essuman with a unanimous decision win over then 23-4 Julius Indongo.

On April 2, Jenkins takes on 10-0-1 Florian Marku. The undefeated Albanian won his last fight via points. Marku is definitely worthy of offering chalk odds. But he will have a tough time versus the vastly more experienced Jenkins. Give the underdog a shot.  

Boxing Pick: Chris Jenkins  

Femke Hermans +1000 vs. Savannah Marshall -3000 | 10-Rounds – WBO Women’s Middleweight Title 

  • Time: 12:00 am ET

12-3 with 5 knockout wins, Femke Hermans is on a 3-match winning streak. But although on paper it looks like Hermans has a chance to upset Savannah Marshall, she doesn’t.

Hermans hasn’t fought since July 2021. And when she did, she fought a boxer with a 1-0 record. Marshall’s camp put together this fight to ensure a victory. The Newcastle born boxer is 11-0 with 9 knockout wins. 

Savannah should flatten Femke before the fourth round. So if you see a knockout prop that’s to your liking, go for it. 

Boxing Pick: Savannah Marshall


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