Canadian Football League 2022 Grey Cup Odds and Top Games to Bet On Week 12

Canadian Football League 2022 Grey Cup Odds and Top Games to Bet On Week 12

For the first time in three weeks, the odds have finally shifted! Not only in terms of the point odds but also the rankings themselves. That has been rather uncommon but rather surprising. If you have been reading this collection of articles, you will be well aware that some of these shifted odds have been a long time coming! 

Come take a look at the updated Grey Cup odds and the week 12 best bets so you can wager against their CFL Odds.

Updated 2022 Grey Cup Betting Odds and Top Matches Heading Into Week 12 of the CFL Regular Season

TIER 1: The Favorites

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers: +160

Yup. They are still here. Have not moved a muscle since the first week, and it will be unlikely they will fall again. After a much-needed bye week, there is still much-needed rest and reflection time for the back-to-back champs.

Last week’s game was not a pretty one. All they had to do was capitalize on one small error that could cost them big time but did not do anything about it. 

Their special teams is a big problem with their kicker being the center of it. That being said, if your kicker is the biggest issue on your team, then your team is pretty well off!

Shockingly, they continue to fade in terms of odds again! They have gone back by 19 points for the second consecutive week. This is only giving the leading club even more value! They are still the team to beat as they have a tough game against the Stampeders.

  • B.C Lions: +250

The BC Lions have been red hot all year. Their offense and defense have been nearly unrivaled for the eternity of the year. 

This well-balanced ball club is poised for success and should have a good shot at the postseason. But then tragedy struck last week.

If you are a CFL fan or casual, you likely are aware that MOP candidate Natha Rourke is out for the year or a late-season return. This will likely be detrimental to their odds; with quarterback Michael O’Connor coming in to relieve the star, who knows what will happen.

Their odds fade by 24 points this week and could prove fatal. With a loss this week against the divisional rival Saskatchewan Roughriders, it could be the start of a downward spiral for the once Grey Cup hopeful team.  

  • Calgary Stampeders: +450

This is the first of many teams creeping up. Regardless of the passer that is playing in Calgary, they seem to find a way to win! It is key they find ways to win, especially in such an important week for this ball club!

This is now Calgary’s time to shine and take over the second or, dare I say, the first spot! With the Bombers in a lack of momentum and the BC Lions down their star QB, they can truly take over that division. They sit two games back from the first place, so they can easily make that up within a few weeks. 

Their odds shifted heavily towards the favorites area as they gained 200 points this week. In the game against the Blue Bombers, a win could send this ball club flying high as they continue to find success at the right time! 

TIER 2: Middle of the Pack

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders: +1000

The fact Nathan Rourke has gone down means that other clubs in the West are starting to shine. The overly aggressive Roughriders seem to remain in the chase. This team is still poised for great things.

They stand many games back against the rest of the division, but they just need to maintain their spot right now. They hold a postseason spot and are a LONG two games up from last place. They can easily bounce back and show some value in their current position.

While their odds have faded 100 points, they still show some promise. Tons of this team are getting hurt, and this club is not playing at its full potential. With a key game against BC, a win would go a long way.

  • Montréal Alouettes: +1100

If you look back a few weeks, I have been saying that this ball club has been underrated and should be higher, and look at them now! Les Alouettes de Montréal is finally getting the recognition they deserve after a poor start.

QB Trevor Harris has been playing his best football in three years. While penalties still remain a large issue for this ball club, they are playing some of the best football in the CFL. Kicker David Cote has thrown his kicking issue out of the picture and has been the definition of clutch.

They are the odds leaders in the East (tied technically), and they finally have something brewing. After their win versus Hamilton, they are up 200 points! They are on bye this week, and their odds will be dependent on the teams around them.

TIER 3: Down But Not Out

  • Toronto Argonauts: +1100

Just like the other pro sports team in Toronto, they sure are blowing it. They still stand in first in the East, but another loss against Hamilton will likely send them down even more. 

Their odds have gone down considerably as they have faded 300 points! Let’s see if they can hold on to the division title.

  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats: +1500

Hamilton sadly lost a must-win game. But they play two against Toronto, and they can make it all back! While they continue to struggle, they play two very important divisional games and will need to come out with one of them in hopes to continue falling. They have faded 200 points since last week.

TIER 4: Bottom Feeders

  • Ottawa Redblacks: +10000 and Edmonton Elks: +10000

These clubs keep on fading! No matter what they do, they will continue to be the bottom feeders. Both cities’ respective hockey teams are looking good, but their CFL teams are still bottom feeders for yet another week!

Week 12 Best Bets

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders (+4) vs. BC Lions

Without Nathan Rourke, the BC Lions look rather lost. The Regina Sack party has eaten up their opponents and will have a nice feast with their huge upset win against their divisional rival!

  • Ottawa Redblacks (+3.5) vs. Edmonton Elks

Another week of the blunder bowl! Both teams will continue to suck, but there is some nice upside in a team that has struggled a fair bit this season. 

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