Top Canadian Football League Week 18 Games and Updated Grey Cup Odds

Top Canadian Football League Week 18 Matches and Updated Grey Cup Odds

It has all come down to this. With three weeks remaining, now is the best time to pick the team you are riding with for the postseason. The odds are finally coming together and are forming around, what will likely be, the postseason bracket! Check out the updated Grey Cups Odds and best games for week 18 so you don’t miss your chance to bet against their CFL Odds.

Updated 2022 Grey Cup Betting Odds and Top Matches Heading Into Week 18 of the CFL Regular Season

TIER 1: The Favorites

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers: +115

There is not much to say at this point in the year. This is the best team in the CFL. Will they three-peat? Likely. But they have proven to show some weakness with their two poor losses. Still, they are likely to win the Grey Cup yet again. 

  • Calgary Stampeders: +400

A little controversy in the west? While the Stamps are in second in the division, they have yet to beat Winnipeg this year. They are the second-best team in Canadian football, but there is uncertainty they can get over this hump. 

  • Toronto Argonauts: +450

This is the most overrated pick. Their odds will likely tumble this week if you seek to put money on them. While they are ranked number 1 in the east, it seems unlikely they will cruise their way through the postseason, let alone make the grey cup.

TIER 2: Middle of the Pack

  • B.C Lions: +475

The west is getting tough to beat. After their loss to Calgary, it makes it very difficult to pick this club because that is a TRUE playoff-caliber opponent. 

  • Montréal Alouettes: +850

The best bet right now has to be Montréal. They always manage to turn heads in a lot of games they have played. Having key wins over the Blue Bombers makes them a great bet for the Grey Cup. 

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders: +1400

They seem to continue to fade in the eyes of the bettor. This is due to poor play, which has been more prevalent than good play. Whilst they possess value, there is good reason to veer away from them. 

TIER 3: Bottom Feeders

  • Ottawa Redblacks: +30000 and Hamilton Tiger-Cats: +5500, and Edmonton Elks: +40000

Need much be said here? These teams CAN NOT WIN! Do not get cute with your money and bet on any of these three teams. Might as well bet on the Commanders to win the Super Bowl! Not going to happen, so do not bet on it. 

Week 18 Best Bets

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders (+2.5) vs Hamilton Tiger-Cats

The Tiger-Cats somehow managed to be the favorite in this match. Even with the inconsistent play, the Roughriders, when fully healthy, could easily maul this team! The sack party will be present in hammer town this week.

  • Ottawa Redblacks vs Montréal Alouettes (-7) 

The Alouettes will tear it up on Thanksgiving for a postseason spot at home. The Redblacks present a very poor matchup against the Alouettes; Against this familiar foe, the Alouettes should have a fantastic outing and clinch their postseason spot yet again! 

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