Why are the Montreal Alouettes at 20/1 to Win the 2018 Grey Cup?

Why are the Montreal Alouettes at 20/1 Win the 2018 Grey Cup?

Written by on June 22, 2018

Only 9 football teams play in the CFL. Based on the number of team, no squad should be more than 10 to 1 to 15 to 1 to win the Grey Cup. The Montreal Alouettes, though, are a gigantic 20 to 1 to win this year’s Grey Cup.Is there a reason? Or, are the Alouettes one of the biggest overlays of the year?

Why are the Montreal Alouettes at 20/1 to Win the 2018 Grey Cup?

Again, it’s hard to imagine that a team in a 9 squad league offering 20/1 odds to win a championship. 20/1 odds are offered on teams to win the Super Bowl. The NFL is a 32 team league. Makes no sense, right?Oh, but it does. The Montreal Alouettes could be that bad.

How Bad are the Montreal Alouettes?

Let’s take a look at the 2017 CFL Season. The Montreal Alouettes started off the season with a positive. They beat Saskatchewan 17 to 16. From there, it went downhill.Montreal proceeded to lose 15 of its next 18 CFL Regular Season games. The Alouettes actually went on an unbelievable 11 game losing streak from August 19 through Nov. 3. Montreal had some zinger losses during the streak:  4 to 32 to Ottawa, 11 to 59 to Calgary, 16 to 43 to Hamilton, 12 to 37 to Saskatchewan, and a 0 to 33 to Hamilton loss in their final regular season game of the year.Based on last year’s record, no wonder Montreal is 20/1? But, teams can improve year to year. Has Montreal improved to make those odds overlaid?

For Montreal Will 2018 be a Repeat of 2017?

Is Montreal a safe bet to win the 2018 Grey Cup?The Alouettes made some major changes in the offseason. They added Jamaal Westerman, Joe Barnett, Tommie Campbell, Henic Muamba, and Mitchell White to aid their defense. It sort of worked in Week 1 when Montreal held the BC Lions to only 12 points until the 4th quarter.In the 4th quarter, the D sort of imploded. It gave up 10 points so that Montreal lost 10 to 22. That’s the biggest issue, of course. The Alouettes appear to still be a horrible offensive CFL team.Montreal scored 10 points in the first quarter. Then, they allowed a defense like what the BC Lions have to hold them to 0 points in the remaining 3 quarters. Montreal’s offense appears to be so bad that the Lions, who finished last in the West Division in 2017, managed to cover the spread as a -8.5 home favorite.Based on Week 1, Montreal could be in some trouble this season. The defensive changes will keep the Alouettes in a few games. Eventually, the defense will break down.Unless you can keep up on the scoreboard in the CFL, you’re not going to win football games. Montreal can’t keep up on the scoreboard. Therefore, yes, the 2018 season could be a repeat of the 2017 season.Does 20/1 odds make the Montreal Alouettes an overlay to win the Grey Cup? Nope. Montreal is so bad that 20/1 odds might make them an underlay.