3 Reasons to Bet Against Notre Dame in the NCAAF Playoff.

3 Reasons to Bet Against Notre Dame in the NCAAF Playoffs

Written by on November 14, 2017

If you’re looking to find out why you shouldn’t consider the Notre Dame Fighting Irish odds for the 2017 NCAAF Playoffs, you really don’t have to look very far at all. Still, I’ve got three great reasons why you should avoid betting on Notre Dame like the Bubonic Plague once the 2017 college football postseason gets underway.

3 Reasons to Bet Against Notre Dame in the NCAAF Playoffs

Playoff Picture – Week 12 (Top 10)

  • 1-Alabama
  • 2-Miami
  • 3-Oklahoma
  • 4-Clemson
  • 5-Wisconsin
  • 6-Auburn
  • 7-Georgia
  • 8-Ohio State
  • 9-Notre Dame
  • 10-Oklahoma State

Expert Picks to Place a College Football Week 12 Parlay

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Record (November 15th)

  • All: 8-2
  • Home: 5-1
  • Away: 3-1
  • ATS: 7-3
  • Over/Under: 6-4


Notre Dame’s offense coughed up the ball four times and gave up five sacks in their 41-8 loss to Miami on Saturday and now looks completely flustered. The Fighting Irish entered the game tied for fourth in the nation in turnovers at plus-12, but you’d never know that the way the coughed up the ball against Miami.Notre Dame turned the ball over three times on interceptions in the first half, giving up a whopping 24 points off of those turnovers and now, the confidence of quarterback Brandon Wimbush looks like toast. Wimbush finished the game 10 of 21 for 119 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.Miami head coach Mark Richt said his team’s ‘famed turnover chain’ was part of the reason his team was able to force so many turnovers.“Amazing. Well, I’ve never seen guys so excited to sprint off to the sideline to go get the chain and get their reward,” Richt said. “And just to see the fans respond to it has been amazing. I think it’s been nothing but good clean fun. Some people get offended by it. I don’t know how they could. It’s just a bunch of guys enjoying life and enjoying a great play. And that’s what you should do.”


Despite currently ranking 38th against the run, it’s clear from their loss to Miami that Notre Dame is going to have big problems stopping an elite rushing attack, one of the reasons you shouldn’t pick them in the NCAAF Playoffs. If you don’t know, the Hurricanes called a whopping 24 consecutive rushing plays to finish off their commanding 41-8 win over Notre Dame last weekend.Here’s what Richt said about his game plan to pound the Irish with the rushing attack.“The offensive line I don’t think showed how well they played until the second half or even as the game went on. Early on we were trying to throw the ball around a little bit and maybe try to fatigue their D-line before we tried to run it. But second half you’re up by 27 points and it’s time to use up clocks and time to see if we could run the football. Gosh, we had a 90-yard drive built in the second half primarily running the football and even at the very end, being able to get first downs, get another touchdown at the end, was good. The last 24 calls of the game were all runs.”Because of their defense, the Notre Dame NCAAF Playoffs chances are not good.And then he added: “There were a couple of bubble screens that got thrown from a run-pass option. But we called 24 run plays in a row to knock out the game and eat up the clock. When you have a lead like that there’s no point in trying to be heroic and sling the ball around the yard.”Is there anything else that needs to be said about Notre Dame’s defense college football bettors? Didn’t think so!

No One’s Blind

The always popular eye test says that Notre Dame is pretty much toast to even reach the four-team College Football Playoff right now and even if they do, they certainly won’t be able to beat a powerful defensive team like Alabama – or Miami – if they get the chance. Notre Dame’s 20-19 loss to Georgia in Week 2 is a perfect illustration of why you should have no hope for the Irish come College Football Playoff time. Unless you’re a blind college football betting enthusiast, by now you know that saving your money on the Fighting Irish is the right thing to do once the regular season comes to a close.So, there are your three reasons to avoid betting on Notre Dame during the NCAAF Playoffs.