2019 AVN Awards Odds on Cardi B’s Performance

2019 AVN Awards Odds on Cardi B’s Performance

Written by on January 24, 2019

Cardi B decided that she wanted to perform at the AVN Awards. The biggest night in Adult Entertainment gained some respectability outside of the industry after that. Cardi B’s one of the most popular entertainers in the world right now. For her to show up at the AVN Awards and perform is a big deal.

After announcing she was performing, the MyBookie odds makers thought of an excellent prop wager that, surprisingly, isn’t all that cut and dry. So, what’s the deal? Will Cardi B suffer a wardrobe malfunction on Saturday night?

Check out an analysis with the latest AVN Awards odds!

2019 AVN Awards Odds on Cardi B’s Performance

  • When: January 26, 2019
  • Where: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Will Cardi B Suffer a Wardrobe Malfunction During Her Performance at the AVN Awards?

Reasons for “No”

Wardrobe mishaps don’t happen all the time. Not only that, but if Cardi B shows a bit of skin on Saturday night, it’s all good, right? It is the AVN Awards. So, maybe, her outfit might be too revealing at the beginning of her set to produce any wardrobe mishaps.

Then again, she’s not one of the performers up for an award. Cardi could show up in one of those ultra-glamorous gowns she’s famous for. She wore a great red Dolce & Gabbana gown when she tried to kill Niki Minaj with her shoe at the Harper’s Bazar ICONS party during Fashion Week in New York in September.

If she shows up with a gown like that, a wardrobe malfunction’s probably not in the cards. It’s also hard to count things like wedgies as wardrobe malfunctions. Cardi B had a wedgie during a show in New Zealand in early January. She told the crowd she had to get it out of her ass and promptly walked off stage after a song.

There appears to be plenty of reasons to go with “No”. Cardi has had some wardrobe mishaps, though. Check out a few examples that might lead us to going with “yes”.

Reasons for “Yes”

At the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Cardi B wore a beautiful, feathery, white dress during her performance. The dress was great, but the neckline was so low that it actually exposed her left breast at one time during the performance. Because she’s a complete bad ass, she continued singing while holding up the dress with her left hand.

At the 2018 iHeart Radio Jingle Ball, she exposed her bum during a performance. It wasn’t really her fault. The gold skirt she wore climbed up fantastically high while she twerked. Going up so high revealed her entire derriere.

During the Mala Luna Music Festival this past October, Cardi B ended up exposing her left breast. Again, it really wasn’t her fault. Not sure who her wardrobe consultant is, but you can’t expect to not expose something wearing a one-piece black outfit with multiple cutouts the way Cardi did.

That’s 3 wardrobe mishaps in the last year and a half. Heck, that’s two in less than 3 months!

Two wardrobe mishaps in less than 3 months means it could happen again. Why not go “Yes”? The odds are more than fair and Cardi B’s obviously got a wardrobe consultant that has no clue how to prevent these accidents from happening.

2019 AVN Awards Betting Pick: Yes