2020 Entertainment Betting News Update - Sept. 4th Edition

2020 Entertainment Betting News Update – Sept. 4th Edition

Written by on September 4, 2020

It’s a strange year in the entertainment industry. The tweets towards President Trump have died down some. Politics and celebrity nonsense haven’t intersected like it did in Trump’s first three years in the White House. We can thank the coronavirus pandemic for that. But that doesn’t mean there’s no entertainment on which to wager. Check out current Entertainment odds on MyBookie. The question is, would you bet on . . . ?

Entertainment News: Would You Bet On . . .?

Academy Awards: Would you bet on . . .

“Tenet” to win Best Picture, Tom Hanks to win Best Actor, or Viola Davis to win Best Actress?

Hanks, “Tenet”, and Davis are the chalks to win the golden eunuchs on February 28. “Tenet” has gotten the most buzz but a couple of other films, “Dune” and “Mankin”, are at +900 as opposed to “Tenet” at +800.

Both Tom Hanks and Viola Davis are at +500 to win statues. Hanks has the leading roll in “News of the World”. Tom is offering lower odds than a couple of English actors, Gary Oldman and Eddie Redmayne. 

Davis is in the Netflix movie “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”. She’s an incredible actress. Her +500 chalky odds appear more than warranted. But  . . . would you bet on Viola to win? 

Celebrity Divorce: Would you bet on . . . 

Riko Shabata and Nic Cage lasting until Jan 1, 2021? Rumor has it Nico has been consoling former wife Lisa Marie Presley. Elvis’ daughter has suffered through an awful recent tragedy.

Anyhow, Shabata, supposedly, isn’t happy about it. Whether it’s true or not, it’s difficult to see Riko dumping Cage for consoling Lisa Marie. Also, the odds on the pair staying together are fantastic.

So . . . would you bet on RikoNic to keep it going into 2021? 

The Emmy’s: Would you bet on . . . 

“Ozark” to win the Best Drama Emmy and “Schitt’s Creek” to win the Best Comedy Emmy?

“Ozark” isn’t a favorite. But, buzz has slowly built for Ozark to take the top prize on Sep. 20. Do you agree that the Byrdes deserve to fly away with the cash and a statue?

Schitt’s Creek just had their final season. The show is a brilliantly old-school send-up of the never get old “fish out of water” trope. Would you bet on Schitt’s Creek to win the Emmy, though?

Have a great weekend!