2020 Celebrity Death Matches Expert Analysis Oct. 22 Edition

2020 Celebrity Death Matches Expert Analysis Oct. 22 Edition

Written by on October 22, 2020

When it comes to betting options, it’s light in the entertainment category. That’s why we’re turning our attention to celebrity death matches. We don’t want any of these people to pass, but they will, because, well, everyone does. Check out analysis and picks for the top celebrity death matches on the board so you can place your bets against their Celebrity Death Matchup odds

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  • Cut-off: January 1, 2020 at 12:59 am ET

Who will die first?

  • Betty White -260 / Carol Burnett +200

Betty White is 98 years-old while Carol Burnett is 87. The difference between 98 and 87 doesn’t seem overly significant. Not only that, but White has lived this long, which means there’s a chance she outlives her fellow funny person.

Celebrity Death Match Pick: Carol Burnett

  • Charlie Sheen -200 / Magic Johnson +160

Magic looks . . . what? 47? Maybe, 50. Okay, 52. Uh, no. The great Earvin Johnson is 61-years-old. He doesn’t look it. Not only that, but doctors say there are no traces of HIV in Johnson’s body. They can’t find it. The man who led the Los Angeles Lakers back to glory in the 1980’s apparently beat AIDS. That’s how incredible he is.

Celebrity Death Match Pick: Charlie Sheen 

  • Rosie O’Donnell -150 / Rosanne Barr +110

This seems like a toss-up. Rosie hasn’t said much in 2020. She decided to take a backward step and leave it up to everyone to hate on The Donald. That doesn’t mean she’s healthy enough to outlive Rosanne. Barr got fired from her show, we all remember how that went down, but instead of dwelling on it, she decided to go back to living a simple life. That should help her live a long while.

Celebrity Death Match Pick: Rosie O’Donnell 

  • Demi Lovato +130 / Artie Lange -170

Lange is the obvious choice. He’s much older than Lovato. She’s just 28. He’s 53. But Artie appears to have gotten over many of his issues. Still, the odds don’t justify backing the younger person. Artie it is!

Celebrity Death Match Pick: Artie Lange 

  • Jay Leno +120 / David Letterman -160

Letterman’s off the grid. Leno isn’t. That doesn’t mean Dave is in worse shape. Maybe, he’s in better shape.

Celebrity Death Match Pick: Jay leno 

  • Donald Trump -130 / Vladimir Putin -110

Putin might be part cyborg right now. Seriously. The man doesn’t seem to have aged since he gave an interview to Larry King back in 2010. You know? When CNN was a news channel.

Celebrity Death Match Pick: Donald Trump 

Bill Cosby dies in prison?

  • Hey, Hey, Hey! -250
  • No +165

This is a massive “Hey, Hey, Hey!”

Celebrity Death Match Pick: Hey, Hey, Hey! 

Who will die first?

  • Rae Carruth +300
  • Ray Lewis +2000
  • O.J. Simpson -1000

Simpson tweeted a couple of days ago, and you know what? He looks pretty good. Either O.J. isn’t guilty, or the man knows how to get over guilt like nobody in history. Lewis looks like he’s in his 20’s while Carruth looks like he’s older than O.J. 

Celebrity Death Match Pick: Rae Carruth