Entertainment Betting Predictions for the First Movie to Make $100 Million

Entertainment Betting Predictions for the First Movie to Make $100 Million

Written by on May 18, 2021

The summer movie season kicks off on May 28. Check out current Movies odds on the first movie to reach the $100 million at the box office mark. After a shutdown summer, can one of these movies return movie theatres to their past glory? 

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1st Movie to Make $100 Million Prop

  • Cut-Off: Sunday, May 31

First Movie to Make $100 Million at the Box Office

Why is Cruella the favorite and Candyman second choice to make $100 million first?

The Disney film about 101 Dalmatians’ villain Cruella de Ville releases on May 28. That makes Cruella the first big summer movie of the year. But timing isn’t everything it used to be when it comes to box office and movie goers.

Although Cruella should sell plenty of tickets, the story is a prequel, which means those heading to the theatre looking for cute puppies may be disappointed. It’s also not a story that will appeal to everyone. Cruella may not make more than $80 to $90 million. 

Candyman doesn’t have a story that will appeal to everyone, either. However, the team behind Candyman, a sequel to the 1992 film, has had success in the genre. Jordan Peele directed 2017’s Get Out. Director Nia Da Costa wrote 2018’s Little Woods.

Of the two favorites, Candyman is the better play.   

Which movies among F9, Black Widow, Space Jam 2 and The Suicide Squad offers fair odds?

Warner Bros. is hoping Space Jam 2 is as popular as the first Space Jam. The problem? Michael Jordan was an industry and LeBron James isn’t. Jordan was so powerful as a spokesperson that the day he announced his NBA return, the companies Air Jordan worked with showed rising stock prices. Space Jam 2 could be a dud because LeBron isn’t as beloved as Jordan. 

Black Widow is Marvel’s first feature length film since 2019. So, yes, it will make a lot of money. So will Suicide Squad. But Black Widow opens on July 9 and Suicide Squad opens on August 6. A film is likely to have grossed $100 million before Scarlet Johansson or Idris Elba hit screens.

F9 is the ninth Fast and Furious film. Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordan Brewster reprise their roles. Fast and Furious movies have a built-in audience. They’re also rated PG-13, which means parents who watched the first few movies and their kids can enjoy the ninth go around. 

Fast and Furious opens on June 25, which is one of the reasons Cruella is a bigger favorite to hit the $100 million mark. But although Cruella has an advantage over F9, waiting until June could mean more people are ready to go back to the movies. 

Go with F9 to race to the $100 million mark first.  

Which movie or movies at +500 or higher odds have the best chances of reaching the $100 million mark first?

Peter Rabbit 2 has a big chance. It’s a family film, a sequel to a wildly popular movie, and opens on June 18. By then, most of the U.S. will have either gotten their covid vaccines, or never intended on getting the vaccine. 

Either way, Peter Rabbit could be in the garden spot to reach the $100 million mark before the summer’s other big movies. Give the CG bunny a big shot at better than decent odds to hop to the Benjamin mil mark before any other film.