Entertainment News: Who Will Be The Next Jeopardy Host?

Entertainment News: Who Will Be The Next Jeopardy Host?

Written by on February 4, 2021

Long time Jeopardy host Alex Trebek passed away last November at the age of 80. Since Trebek’s passing, guest hosts have stepped to the plate for one of the longest running game shows in history. Eventually, Jeopardy producers will decide on a permanent host. Will it be Ken Jennings? Katie Couric? LaVar Burton? Check out our thoughts on the Entertainment odds to be the next permanent Jeopardy host. 

Who Will Be the New Permanent Jeopardy Host?

  • When: TBD

Odds To Be The Next Permanent Jeopardy Host

  • Ken Jennings +200
  • Katie Couric +250
  • LeVar Burton +400
  • George Stephanopoulos +500
  • Steve Kornacki +800
  • Alex Faust +800
  • Laura Coates +1000
  • John Berman +1200
  • James Holzhauer +1600
  • Mayim Bialik +1600
  • Mike Richards +1800
  • Mina Kimes +2000
  • Neil Patrick Harris +2000
  • Aaron Rodgers +3000
  • Anderson Cooper +3500
  • Ryan Seacrest +4000
  • Erin Andrews +4500
  • Steve Harvey +5000
  • Howie Mandell +5000

Which potential host offers the fairest odds among the choices at +500 or less?

Couric and Stephanopoulos are news people. Although either would do well as Jeopardy host, neither inspires the type of feelings you want from a game show host. New people can’t help but be overly political nowadays. 

Ken Jennings is the obvious choice. But the +200 chalk isn’t an entertainment personality. It may be hard for viewers to think of Jennings as anything more than the Greatest Jeopardy Player of all time.

That leaves us with LeVar Burton. People want Burton to be the next permanent host. How much are they backing LeVar? A petition for Burton to take over had 75,000 signatures as of January 16. No word on how many more signatures the petition gathered, but we can assume the number has broken 100,000.

Burton is a showbiz veteran. He’s well-liked and could pull it off. At the odds, he may be an overlay. 

Which person in the +800 to +1600 odds range has the best chance of becoming permanent Jeopardy host?

In 2018, Alex Trebek said Alex Faust could replace him as host of Jeopardy. Faust is the play-by-play caller for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. He’s already got hosting chops, has extensive interviewing experience, and knows the industry.

Faust would be perfect to take over as permanent host. If you’re looking for a +1600 choice, Mayim Bialik would be a great pick. But Bialik is on a FOX show called Call Me Kat

Rolling the dice on Bialik makes more sense than backing James Holzhauer, though. The Jeopardy Tournament of Champions contender and professional sports gambler doesn’t have enough hosting or acting experience to pull off the gig.  

What individual at odds of +1800 to +2000 is an overlay option to become the new Jeopardy host?

Neil Patrick Harris has hosting experience. He may also be one of the most likable people on the planet. Although he has a part in the HBO Max dramady It’s A Sin, he might jump at the chance to host Jeopardy. 

NPH is an overlay at +2000. If we had to bet, we’d back Doogie.  

Is there any person at odds of +3000 or greater who can become the new permanent host of Jeopardy?

FOX Sports personality Erin Andrews has a chance. She’s a much better choice than Aaron Rodgers, he probably won’t be available starting in August, Ryan Seacrest, he’s too big of a name, Steve Harvey, or Howie Mandell.

Both Harvey and Mandell are great hosts. But they’d be more effective hosting a game show with a lot more energy than Jeopardy.

Andrews is the best underdog pick. Nobody can argue with taking a stab on Erin to lock down the permanent Jeopardy host job.