Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week - July 23rd Edition

Top eSports Picks for the Week – July 23rd Edition

Written by on July 23, 2018

The top eSports betting matchups on Tuesday and Wednesday are in League of Legends Champions Korea. On Tuesday, July 24, two of the top two teams in Champions Korea, KT Rolster and Gen. G., throw down. Then, on Wednesday, July 25, MVP battles Afreeca Freecs as a huge underdog.On Thursday, a couple of huge battles take place when KingZone DragonX (KDX) takes on KT Rolster and Gen.G battles Griffin.

Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – July 23rd Edition

Tuesday, July 24

Gen.G +103 vs KT Rolster -133

Gen.G beat talented Afreeca Freecs 2:1 in their last match on July 22. That sent Gen.G’s record to a nice 9-3 in the Lol Champions Korea League. Can Gen.G upset KT Rolster, 2:1 winners over Griffin in their last, on Tuesday?I believe so. The odds difference implies that Gen.G puts up a fight. That’s what’s so fantastic about Lol Champions Korea. No team in the Top 5 is that much better than any other team. Just like in other forms of sports betting if two teams show up close to even in talent, go with the squad offering the better odds.eSports Betting Pick: Gen.G +103

Wednesday, July 25

MVP +500 vs Afreeca Freecs -800

With 7 points, Afreeca Freecs is only a couple of points away from Champions Korea leaders Gen.G and Griffin. The Freecs have given us League of Legends Champions Korea fans mixed signals since June.They dominated MVP 2:0 on June 29. They then dominated Gen.G on July 1. But, what’s up with the 2:1 loss to bbq Olivers on July 20? They followed that up with a 2:1 loss to Gen.G on July 22.Afreeca Freecs should have no trouble dominating MVP. Their form’s been off, though. The loss to the Olivers is especially disconcerting. Afreeca Freecs should never lose to bbq Olivers. Will Afreeca Freecs beat MVP? Probably. But, a few bucks on MVP at the odds seems like a nice flier play.eSports Betting Pick: MVP

Thursday, July 26

KDX vs KT Rolster

Check back on odds in this gigantic battle between two of the very best squads in Lol Champions Korea. KinZone Dragon X (KDX) sits only a point behind Gen.G. and Griffin while KT Rolster is in the same spot.Both teams want to win the Champions Korea title, which means they must step up their game in this battle. KDX has been fairly consistent, including beating the Rolsters 2:0 on June 19, although there’s no excuse for the loss to MVP on July 12.Odds should be fairly even. KDX must battle Griffin on July 24. I’m going with KT Rolster.eSports Betting Pick: KT RolsterGen.G vs GriffinThe last time Gen.G. and Griffin battled, Griffin took it 2:1. Gen.G. has the ability to turn the tables on Griffin in this Thursday match.Gen.G’s 2:0 victory over KDX and 2:1 win over Afreeca Freecs last week means that they’re playing at an incredibly high level. Griffin might be favored, which means picking Gen.G. could also add more dollars to the bottom line.I’m going with Gen.G. to get it done.eSports Betting Pick: Gen.GCheck back for odds on Lol Champions Korea matchups later this week. Also, don’t forget about this weekend’s huge Overwatch League Playoffs Grand Final between Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire!