Sports to Bet This Weekend Saturday March 27th Edition

Sports to Bet This Weekend Saturday March 27th Edition

U.S. sports continue to sit on the sidelines as Americans wait for the coronavirus curve to flatten. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing on which to wager. Check out a list of this weekend’s top betting options!

Bet on These Sports Over the Weekend – March 27th Edition

Horse Racing – Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park on Saturday

Churchill Downs moved the date of the 2020 Kentucky Derby from May 2 to September 5. First, think about how awesome September 5 should be? Not only do 3-year-old ponies Run for the Roses, but it’s the first Saturday in the 2020-2021 College Football Season! Michigan against Washington, Florida State against West Virginia, and a prime time matchup between Alabama and USC highlight that day.

It’s nice to have something to look forward to. Okay, back to this Saturday. So, because the Derby switched dates, owners and trainers decided to enter into the Florida Derby. Many wanted to skip the Florida Derby and run somewhere else because the Barclay Tagg trained Tiz the Law is a monster.

But now, because the First Saturday in May is now the First Saturday in September, Tiz the Law must face 11 other strong-willed equines. Will he win?

The Florida Derby airs on NBC Sports Network on Saturday at 4:00 pm EDT. Wager on the race, heck, wager on all the races at Gulfstream Park on Saturday and then watch the Florida Derby!

2020 NBA 2K League

NBA2K20 League resumes with games this Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, the simulation league has a couple of games: Miami Heat versus the Chicago Bulls, and San Antonio Spurs versus New Orleans Pelicans. Wager and then watch on Twitch.

Keep checking the MyBookie site for updated 2020 NBA 2K League matches.

NCAA 2K Game Lines

But the NBA 2K League isn’t the only way for you to get your hoops fix. You can also wager on NCAA 2K battles. On Friday, Ohio State takes on Auburn while Washington battles Baylor. You can wager on those as well! See the NCAA2K Odds and follow the games


Other eSports events take place this weekend. League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Overwatch…whatever your eSports game of choice, there’s likely to be a match on which you can wager. Check out the MyBookie eSports Odds page for matches.

Want Football? We Got Madden NFL 20 Sim!

The Aussie Football League shut down due to the pandemic. No worries! We got Madden game lines. Check out the Madden Odds for Friday.

Friday, March 27

  • KC Chiefs CPU -8 ½ / HOU Texans CPU
  • GB Packers CPU / SEA Seahawks CPU -1 ½
  • BAL Ravens CPU -7 ½ / TEN Titans CPU
  • SF 49ers CPU / NO Saints CPU -2 ½
  • PHI Eagles CPU / MIN Vikings CPU -3 ½
  • DET Lions CPU / JAC Jaguars CPU -1 ½

Keep an eye out on matches for Saturday and Sunday. Who says there’s no such thing as spring football?

Belarus Premier League Soccer and Soccer Nicaragua

Belarus Premier League Soccer and Nicaragua First Division continue, which means we can wager on soccer! The Belarus Vysshaya League has 2 games on Friday, 4 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday. Belarus Soccer Odds.Nicaraguan’s First Division plays 3 games on Saturday:
  • Diriangen FC +215 / Managuan FC +110
  • Las Sabanas +993 / Real Esteli FC -476
  • CD Ocatal +216 / Real Madriz +112

If you’re looking to wager on soccer, there’s enough action over the weekend to satisfy the itch!

Russia Liga Pro Short Hockey

First, what the heck is short hockey? If you’re confused, so were some of us. It’s sort of exactly like what it sounds. Short hockey means to play hockey with fewer players. Each team has 4 skaters and 1 goalie on the ice at any time. That’s it!

On Friday, Russia Liga Pro plays 8 short hockey matches. Check back on Saturday and Sunday to see if Russia Liga Pro puts on any more matches this weekend.

Table Tennis – International TT Cup

We can’t forget the International Table Tennis Cup, can we? Check out the Table Tennis List of matches on Friday and check back over the weekend for more matches.

U.S. Presidential Election

Things are happening quickly in the U.S. Presidential Election. Head over to our Presidential Election Odds and wager on who ends up the Democratic Vice President, whether the Dems will have a brokered convention, and who wins in November!

Also, the MyBookie Online Casino

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Have a great weekend!