2020 Portuguese GP Expert Analysis - Formula 1 Betting

2020 Portuguese GP Expert Analysis – Formula 1 Betting

Written by on October 23, 2020

When you have a single person dominating a sport for an extended period of time, it becomes habitual to start looking for cracks in their façade. As much fun as it is to see someone truly dominate, there comes a point when even the biggest fans of that athlete hope to see someone else get a shot at being in front. You don’t need to be a fan of Formula 1 racing to know that Lewis Hamilton is the man to beat, and the driver who is arguably the greatest of all time. A couple of weeks ago, we saw Valtteri Bottas get a win that moved him closer to the lead, but just when we thought we might be in for a tight finish in the world championship, Hamilton delivered another blow. This weekend, the drivers will be in Portugal, with Hamilton looking to take one more step towards another crown. There are realistically two men with a shot at beating him, as F1 is now dominated by 3 drivers. Let’s have a look at them so you can place your bets against their Formula 1 odds.

Formula 1 Betting Analysis for 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton (-250)

Hamilton has a shot at getting another step closer to his 4th straight championship and 6th in 7 years, with a win in Portugal. This, though, is going to be unfamiliar territory for all the drivers in this race, as this will be the first time since 1996 that we have had a Formula 1 grand prix in Portugal. The drivers will, of course, have some time to adjust to the track in their training runs, but this race might just be one that delivers a surprise. That aside, you still have to like Hamilton when you consider that no driver has a clear edge at this track. He has already won 7 races this season and has only missed being on the podium twice. It’s impossible to top that level of consistency.

Valtteri Bottas (+350)

Any shot that we might have had at seeing a great battle for the world championship this season may well have faded away when Bottas was forced to retire last weekend. He had won the week previously to make things a little tighter at the top, but failing to finish and seeing Hamilton take the checkered flag means that Bottas lost a ton of ground. It has to be more than a little disappointing for a man who has been on the podium 8 times this season, which includes a pair of wins. It really is beginning to look as though Bottas is once again going to need to settle for second, just as he did last year.

Max Verstappen (+450)

The Dutchman is probably going to end this season wondering what might have been, as he has now had 3 races where he has been forced to retire. In the 8 races that he has finished this year, he has landed on the podium in each one, including back to back 2nd place finishes heading into this weekend. If he continues with this pace in the remaining races this season, he might just be able to slip ahead of Bottas and into second place overall. It is probably the best that he can hope for at this point.


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