Floyd Mayweather’s Comeback: Check Out Odds & Predictions

Floyd Mayweather 2020 Comeback Odds & Predictions

Written by on November 27, 2019

Per TMZ, Floyd Mayweather plans on a comeback in 2020. Will Floyd show up in the boxing ring? UFC’s Octagon? Or, will he end up ruling Bare Knuckle Championships? Also, who will Floyd fight in his first comeback battle? Check out the  latest Floyd Mayweather odds and analysis!

Floyd Mayweather 2020 Comeback Odds & Predictions

Floyd Mayweather’s Next Fight Will Be in Which Sport or Promotion

  • Boxing -110
  • UFC +250
  • RIZN +3000
  • Bare Knuckle FC +7500
  • WWE +10000
  • One Championship +10000
  • AEW +20000

Boxing is the obvious choice. But, before going all-in on the sweet science, let’s take a step back. First, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has already conquered boxing. What else is there to do in the ring? Sure, he could fight Manny Pacquiao again. Pac-Man and Floyd fans might even get a thrill out of it. Nobody else will care that much.

The game hasn’t past Floyd but plenty of boxers have. He won’t beat Gennady Golovkin or Terence Crawford. Lomo would run circles around him if that ever happened. Errol Spence Jr. has a long way back after the car crash. Once back, he’d run circles around Floyd too. Canelo? Cinnamon rules boxing.

Floyd wouldn’t be much of a draw. He’s older and the younger guys are gifted.

Throw BKC and RIZN out of the mix as well. Neither is a big enough promotion for Floyd to make a comeback. If Floyd does anything, he does it big. Ask the bet takers at the MGM. They’ll tell you.

That leaves us with Dana’s promotion, UFC. This one makes sense. UFC, like Floyd, headquarters in Vegas. White and Mayweather could plan the perfect comeback. Not only that, but he’s training with MMA dudes in Sin City.

At UFC, Floyd could come back as the main attraction in one of the biggest matchups of the year.

Floyd Mayweather’s Next Boxing or MMA Opponent

  • Manny Pacquaio +200
  • Jorge Masvidal +350
  • Khabib Numagomedov +450
  • Georges St. Pierre +550
  • Conor McGregor +800
  • Canelo Alvarez +1000
  • Nate Diaz +2000
  • Oscar De La Hoya +10000
  • Dana White +10000

If Floyd does go boxing, it’s Pacquaio. Again, many would buy the fight. Many more wouldn’t. Boxing fans remember the sting left buying into the “Greatest Fight of the Century” dud that the pair gave us back in 2015.

Canelo would dominate Mayweather. He’s a throw-out. The UFC guys on the list all make great matchups, though. Floyd could beat any of them. Masvidal, Khabib, GSP, have much better ground games, but their standup is suspect.

Conor has the best standup of them all and Floyd got to him. MMA guys put an emphasis on power. None of them are as good at getting angles that Floyd’s great at doing. Also, nobody at UFC wants Floyd to be a 1-and-done MMA fighter, which means Dana won’t send him to the Octagon versus a great striker.

Does that knock Conor out of the mix? For the comeback fight, yes. Diaz or GSP are the two likeliest first match opponents. Neither figures to get Mayweather to the ground. Khabib or Masvidal might.

UFC will match Floyd against Diaz or Georges St. Pierre in the comeback fight. After Floyd wins, he either battles Conor in a huge rematch or takes on Khabib or Masvidal in UFC’s biggest fight of all time.