Things to Know Before Betting on the 2023 March Madness

Things to Know Before Betting on the 2023 March Madness

Written by on February 15, 2023

We are halfway through the month of February and drawing ever closer to the end of the regular season in college basketball. Once that’s done, we will have the conference tournaments, which serves as the last chance for teams on the bubble, before we get into the excitement that is March Madness. It’s tough to start thinking about your wagers until the final bracket is released and we know the path that each team will need to follow to get to the Championship Game. Even without that, though, there are some basic tops that can be followed that might help you prepare your College Basketball bets and potentially win some money. Let’s take a look at a few of those tips.


7 Betting tips for the annual March Madness Tournament


Don’t Get Too Caught Up in Brackets

If you don’t wager a lot on college basketball but want to get in on March Madness, it is understandable that you might wan to take a look at the brackets put out by so-called experts. While there are some people out there who are great at what they do, there are others who put together “expert” brackets just to garner clicks and views. Take the time to research the games that interest you and go from there.


Don’t Play Every Game

We get that March Madness is incredibly exciting and that the action comes thick and fast, but you can see your bankroll diminish rapidly if you try to jump on every game. This is especially true in the early rounds, where you have a lot of games to choose from. Betting on them all is the fastest way to lose money, as upsets will happen. Only play the games where you feel your confidence level is high.


Early Round Parlays

We will get some serious mismatches in the opening round of the tournament, and while there is very little value in straight up bets on the #1 seeds, putting a bunch of them together in a parlay can help you find that value. History has shown that the #1 seed beats the #16 seed about 99.9% of the time, so you can relatively safely bundle several top seeds in a parlay ticket that should get you off to a winning start. Remember, though, that there is no such thing as a guaranteed win.


Home Court is Still a Thing

While the games in the tournament are played in neutral venues, we don’t necessarily see home court advantage totally wiped out. As you probably know, the bracket is split into regions, and we are going to have teams playing very close to home going against teams that had to travel thousands of miles to get there. This, as well as the fact that the somewhat local team will have more fan support, can swing things one way or another, particularly in games that are otherwise evenly matched.


Coaches that Cover the Spread

Betting the spread, especially in the early rounds, can prove to be troublesome. We tend to get mismatches, which puts the spread at numbers that are tough to cover, especially when you have coaches who value using their bench in the early rounds and not concerning themselves with running up the score. Look for coaches who have a great record against the spread and who have the mentality of putting every team to the sword.

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