2018 NBA Free Agency Update:  The King Lands in La La Land

2018 NBA Free Agency Update:  The King Lands in La La Land

Written by on July 2, 2018

LeBron James, in my opinion the greatest hoops player of all time, has landed in La La Land. Magic Johnson pulled off the greatest coup in the history of NBA Free Agency by getting LeBron to sign with a young squad instead of one that’s already on the doorstep of taking home an NBA Championship. Of course, the Lakers odds to win the 2019 NBA Championship have changed with this acquisition.More about LeBron as well as a few other NBA Free Agent signings below. NBA Free Agency just opened on July 1 and already things are happening.

2018 NBA Free Agency Update:  The King Lands in La La Land

LeBron Heads to L.A.

LeBron James landing in L.A. wasn’t much of a surprise. What happened? He sat down with his wife. They discussed the best place for not only LeBron but also for the entire family. It turned out to be Los Angeles. He’s not the only family in the United States that’s comes to that conclusion.The fact that L.A. gave him a massive 4-year, $154 million deal helped. The fact that all of the past L.A. greats, including Kobe Bryant, most likely pitched in also helped.LeBron in L.A. is massive. It forces the teams in the Western Conference, including the Warriors, to stay on their toes. Houston and San Antonio must now figure out how to stay competitive.

Kawhi Still Wants to Be a Laker

Speaking of which, Kawhi still wants to be a Laker. His desire became that much more difficult after LeBron signed with L.A. Then again, if the Spurs want Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram they can definitely make their case now. Supposedly, the Lakers have been hanging Lonzo Ball (and his excitable father) out there as a carrot.The Spurs won’t touch Lonzo now that he tore his meniscus over the weekend. San Antonio was chilly on Lonzo before the injury. Kuzma and Ingram? They could get San Antonio to consider a trade.

PG-13 Re-Signs with Oklahoma City

Will Lebron James make the LA Lakers a safe NBA Championship pick in 2019?Somehow, someway, Oklahoma City has managed to keep their Big 3 together. Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, and Paul George will play with the Oklahoma City Thunder this season.That’s somewhat amazing when you consider that OKC had trouble to make the playoffs last season. But, maybe, it isn’t all that crazy. Russell, Melo, and PG-13 are veteran players who understand that developing chemistry takes time. OKC’s Big 3 probably came together at some point during the off-season and decided that with some practice, and underrated center Steve Adams, they could turn into a contender.Could it work out? I believe it could because Russell Westbrook is still the most dynamic player in the NBA.

Chris Paul Re-signs with Houston

The happiest person in the NBA right now, not counting the Lakers’ front office, is Chris Paul. The second happiest person? James Harden. The Beard got his point-guard back.With a backcourt made up of The Beard and CP3, a frontcourt with a modicum of talent could look like NBA All-Stars. It happened this past season when Clint Capela tore it up. Will it be enough for Houston to contend in an even more loaded Western Conference now that The King has gone to La La Land? That’s a great question that’s impossible to answer.

Kevin Durant Decides to Stay with Golden State

KD, the reigning NBA Finals MVP, decided to stick it out with Golden State. Durant’s happy playing with the Splash Brothers, Draymond Green, and that solid bench. He’s also happy playing for coach Steve Kerr.Durant had a huge suitor in LeBron James. Before even announcing that he’d become a free agent this past Friday, The King had texted KD about joining the Lakers together. Durant decided to pass.Why? Kerr’s style is to allow his players to do what they must to win. There aren’t any egos at Golden State. Neither Steph nor Draymond have egos. Nor does KD. Everything is about winning, which Durant is perfectly happy with.It’s difficult to find that kind of chemistry and Kevin Durant knows this. KD might have made the smartest decision of any player on the first day of NBA Free Agency.