The Golden State Warriors are a huge favorite, and we will see where that lands.

NBA Mid-Season Betting Predictions

Written by on February 10, 2016

We are at the mid season point of the National Basketball Association. When we get to the mid season, it’s time to give some NBA Mid-season online betting lines. Let’s go ahead and see those right now.

NBA Mid-Season Betting Odds

Top Picks to Win the NBA Championship

The Golden State Warriors are a huge favorite, and it’s not even close. The Warriors are 47-4, and appear to be on the verge of breaking the Chicago Bulls all time record in regular season. We will see where that lands, but the Warriors are in great shape for back to back NBA Titles. The Golden State Warriors are listed at -125 to win the 2016 NBA Championship!Following Golden State, there are a group of teams that could give the Warriors a run for their money. The San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers are next, and they are both listed at +200. The Spurs are projected to be the best chance to beat the Warriors in the Western Conference, while the Cavaliers are likely choice out of the Eastern Conference. After that, the Oklahoma City Thunder are next. Many feel the Thunder and their athleticism could give the Warriors all they can handle. The Thunder are listed at +1000.

Best of the Rest

Outside of those four teams, the Los Angeles Clippers are next. The Clippers have had a history of postseason failure, so we shall see what happens this postseason. Los Angeles is fourth in the Western Conference, which places them at +2500. Finally, to wrap up the list, the Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls have the next best chance to win the NBA Finals. They are listed at +3500, and both out of the Eastern Conference.

Our NBA Champ Betting Prediction

The betting predictions are pretty simple – and pretty normal in the NBA circle. The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be head and shoulders above the rest of the league. And, even at that, Golden State is better than the Cavaliers. If the Warriors stay healthy, they should roll to a NBA title. The Cleveland Cavaliers will have some problems with Toronto in the Eastern Conference finals, but should come out of it with another Eastern Conference title. The final prediction is – the Oklahoma City Thunder will be the team to battle the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference. The Thunder get by the Spurs in the previous round in 6 games.There is a look at some NBA mid-season betting predictions. Enjoy the second half of the league, and best of luck!