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Picking the Best MLB Bets for 2016

Written by on March 25, 2016

We are just days away from the MLB season start, which means that it is time to review the Major League Baseball odds and determine what bets offer some real value this year. While you are looking for bets to take, you want to make sure you are going to make some savvy picks, so let’s take a look at the best bets:

Picking the Best MLB Bets for 2016

American League Odds

Let’s start with odds to win the American League. While most of the favorites to win the World Series are coming from the National League, the American League has talent for days as well. The best pick to win the American League comes from the Toronto Blue Jays. While they are listed at 11/2, and the Kansas City Royals are 5/1; the Blue Jays seem like the better bet. The Royals have won it two seasons in a row, and do people really think they can do it three times in a row? At some point, luck has to run out a little bit, doesn’t it? The Blue Jays can really mash. The question is their starting pitching and their bullpen, but we look for it to be enough to take the American League crown. The first best bet for Major League Baseball in 2016 is the Toronto Blue Jays to win the American League.

National League Odds

Out of the National League; the best bet is not going to be one of the top favorites. The Cubs, Mets, Giants, Nationals and Dodgers are all favorites to win the National League over these guys. The St. Louis Cardinals are going to be our pick to win the National League. The Cardinals have great starting pitching. The question for St. Louis is can they hit enough to win games? Look for Mike Matheny and his St. Louis Cardinals to find a way to win, and come away as the winner of the National League. One of the best bets in Major League Baseball is going to be the St. Louis Cardinals at 8/1.

Best of the Rest MLB Bets

Another great MLB bet for the 2016 season is out of the National League East. Remember, each division gives odds to win the division. The New York Mets are the defending champion out of this division, and even won the National League a season ago. The Mets have great pitching, but so does the team we are going to pick. The Washington Nationals are going to win the National League East in 2016. Max Scherzer and Bryce Harper with monster seasons. Bet the Washington Nationals +110 to win the National League East.Another divisional pick for this one; this time out of the National League West. This is going to be a great divisional race. The Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants and the Arizona Diamondbacks are all three contenders. Remember, Arizona improved with the big  addition of Zack Greinke. The Giants are slight favorites, but despite losing Greinke, our money is going to be on the Los Angeles Dodgers. One of t he best MLB bets for 2016 is the Los Angeles Dodgers +150 to win the National League West.The final bet is going to be a little off the wall. While the Kansas City Royals are the back to back American League champions; we are not going to bet on them to win the division this season. Instead, the Chicago White Sox are our pick to win the division. Look for Chris Sale to have a monster season, and the additions to the offense will be enough to guide them through. Another great Major League Baseball bet for 2016 is the Chicago White Sox +600 to win the American League Central Division.There you have it. We have picked some of the best Major League Baseball bets for the 2016 season. The season should be a great one, and we are looking forward to the long season. Best of luck and enjoy Major League Baseball!