Betting on Rested Teams When They Play vs Unrested Teams

Betting on Rested Teams When They Play vs Unrested Teams

Written by on April 19, 2016

With the right NBA betting systems and strategies, handicapping NBA online betting odds can be very fun and fulfilling. And given the broad nature of NBA bets, there is a vast amount of strategies and angles that can be used to handicap the NBA lines. We will be taking a look at some of the most common NBA systems in this article as a way of getting you started and, hopefully, you can use these strategies to build and find a couple more of your own.

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Betting on Home Underdogs of 10-plus Points

Traditionally, home underdogs of more than ten points have been a solid bet in the NBA lines, especially in the ATS NBA odds. This is because these types of underdogs tend to up their game against their favored road opponents, which often leads to a covering of the spread in nearly 60 percent of the time. In rare instances (around 15 percent of the time), these home underdogs can even end up winning the game in outright SU fashion.

Betting on Rested Teams When They Play vs. Unrested Teams

The NBA betting lines have repeatedly proven that teams that have had a day or two to rest are likely to play in a more energized way than those who are on back-to-back games. This strategy particularly works best when the team on B2B is coming off a grueling battle against a physical team or a long travel. To maximize your NBA winnings from this strategy, be on the lookout for games around mid-way through the season when fatigue starts to wear down on the players across the league.

Betting Against Teams with Clogged Up Schedules

By clogged up schedules, the reference here is being made to teams that have had little rest in a week, like playing four games in five days. The idea behind this is more-or-less the same with the one highlighted in the above strategy of back-to-backs; teams that are barely rested tend to be tired, leading to slow starts or slow finishes that make them a good target for betting against, especially when playing a team that is filled with speedy opponents that can push the pace of the game with fast-breaks and quick transition points.

Betting on Teams Installed as Road Favorites After Big Losses

When you have a team that was blown out by 15 or more points in their previous game yet the NBA still installs them as favorite in their next road game, it simply means that the NBA betting lines trust them to bounce back because their strong, something that they do more often than not. Teams in this situation traditionally feel motivated for being trusted in the NBA lines, which makes them work hard to win the next game and cover the spread. As per latest statistics, such teams have won and covered the spread nearly 65 percent of the time since 2006.

Rejoinder on the NBA Betting Systems

As always, handicapping is a process that entails looking into several factors, rather than blindly making picks based on the above strategy. For example, when playing on the rested vs. no rest teams, you will find that there are certain teams that have excellent back-to-back records, and in such an instance, you have to find which side of handicapping offer more value to you. More importantly, remember that no NBA betting strategy, however good it is, will be foolproof, so always be prepared for downtimes and anomalies in your systems. Otherwise, have fun with these systems and be sure to inform your NBA bets with our many other betting guides.