NBA All Star Three Point Contest Betting Odds

NBA All Star Three Point Contest Free Pick

Written by on February 12, 2016

It’s NBA All Star Weekend, and there are some interesting events that occur along with the best players in the game jumping on the court at the same time. The NBA has a Slam Dunk Contest and a 3 point contest, along with a skills competitive. Let’s first give the NBA Three Point Contest Free Online Pick for the 2016 All Star weekend in Toronto:

NBA All Star Three Point Contest Free Pick

SuperStar vs. Local Star

There are 8 shooters, and boy can they shoot the basketball. The crowd favorite in this one is going to be split. The best player in the game of basketball, and a guy that is blowing the competition away in 3 point shots this season is Steph Curry. He has made 245 three point shots this season, which is nearly 80 ahead of second place Klay Thompson. Not only he is a crowd favorite, but also the Vegas favorite. Steph Curry is listed at 9/4. The other crowd favorite is going to be the local guy – Kyle Lowry. A superstar for Toronto, Lowry has made 145 three point shots, which is fifth in the league. He is making just shy of 40% of them, but when he gets going, he can really shoot it. Lowry is listed at 11/2 to win the event.

Thompson and Harden Could Compete

A teammate of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson is second in three point shots made, just ahead of James Harden. Both of those guys are in the contest. In fact, Thompson is listed at 7/2, and Harden is 8/1. Thompson would be a ridiculous media guy in the NBA if he was not teammates with Steph Curry. He plays second and sometimes third fiddle on a team that is 46-4 at the All Star Break. One of the best scorers in the game is James Harden. Harden has made 155 three point shots, but is shooting just under 36% behind the line. He has shot the most of anyone not named Steph Curry.

Reddick Has a Chance to Win the Contest

J.J. Reddick of the Los Angeles Clippers is third on the list of favorites, at 5/1. Reddick out of Duke is an extremely hot shooter. Reddick has made 130 out of 273, which is just under 48%. That’s the best percentage, he just does not get the quantity the other guys do. Next, is Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns. Booker is 17th in the league in percentage, at 40%. He has made 56 out of 139 on the season. Booker is not known, due to playing on a bad team in Phoenix. Booker is listed at 11/2.

Last But Not Least

The final two guys are Khris Middleton of the Milwaukee Bucks and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat. Middleton is listed at 8/1, and Bosh is 12/1. Middleton has made 103 on the season, while shooting more than 250. Bosh doesn’t seem to fit in here, as he is not in the top 40 in three point shots made. We know he can shoot it, but for the contest, we shall see.

2016 NBA All Star 3 Point Contest Pick

The NBA 3 point Contest Free Pick is going to go to J.J. Reddick of the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s hard to go against Steph Curry, but in a shoot-out, Reddick makes just one more, and Curry and Thompson come up as close runner ups. The Free Pick for the NBA 3 point contest is J.J. Reddick at 5/1 odds.