NBA Betting: Toronto Raptors Analysis & Odds Before Restart

NBA Betting: Toronto Raptors Analysis & Odds Before Restart

Written by on July 15, 2020

After Kawhi Leonard bolted to the Los Angeles Clippers, most NBA analysts and fans put a fork into the Toronto Raptors. No way the Raptors could compete against the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks without Kawhi. The fork stabbing turned out to be premature. As we head to the NBA Orlando Playoffs, the Toronto Raptors have a 46-18 record. That’s just 6 ½ games behind the Milwaukee Bucks for the best record in the East. Let’s see how the NBA odds will be for the Toronto Raptors heading to the Orlando Bubble.

Toronto Raptors Analysis & Odds Before Restart

State of Toronto Raptors heading to Orlando

The Raptors head to Orlando healthier than they’ve been all season long. Toronto had to deal with big time injuries throughout the season. If there’s any positive from the shutdown for the Raptors, it’s that they got time to heal up.

The starting five consists of forward Pascal Siakam and his 23.6 points per game, point-guard Kyle Lowry, forwards OG Anunoby, center Serge Ibaka, and shooting guard Norman Powell.

The bench is one of the deepest in the NBA. Right now, Toronto is in great shape.

How will the Raptors handle the NBA Orlando Bubble?

Some teams will implode under the bubble pressure. Toronto won’t be one of those teams. Serge Ibaka said that the Raptors are “locked in” and ready to go.

Toronto won the NBA Championship last season. Most Raptor players thanked Kawhi for his contribution. But some resent the fact that NBA fans and analysts didn’t give them a shot after Kawhi went home to Los Angeles.

The defending champions believe they’re one of the best teams in the NBA. They won’t let a tough situation derail them from proving to the rest of the league, fans, analysts, whoever ends up watching, that they can win without Kawhi.

How will Toronto handle the bubble? Without a single issue. Just watch.

Toronto Raptors NBA Title +1800 Odds Betting Analysis

The Raptors are for real. Yes, Kawhi is the reason Toronto upset the Milwaukee Bucks to win the Eastern Conference and the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

During last year’s Finals, though, Pascal Siakam emerged as one of the best players in the league. He scored 32 points in Game 1 to lead the Raptors past the Warriors. He scored 26 in Game 6.

Siakam could elevate his game in the bubble. If that happens, the +1800 Odds to Win the NBA Finals will look like a gift. Kyle Lowry is a solid point-guard and the rest of the team understands their roles.

Don’t underestimate the Toronto Raptors. None of the contenders will play in front of their fans. So, it doesn’t matter if they don’t get homecourt advantage because there’s no homecourt to get.

Also, before the shutdown the Raptors went 35-28-1 ATS. They figure to be one of the more underappreciated squads against the spread because nobody believes they can win and cover without Kawhi.

Use that to your advantage if you believe, like we do, that Toronto is one of the Top 5 squads heading to the bubble.