NCAA Basketball Betting Tips for the 2018 Championship

NCAA Basketball Betting Tips for 2018 March Madness Tournament

Written by on February 16, 2018

With the start of the 2018 March Madness men’s national championship basketball tournament less than a month away, NCAA Basketball betting enthusiasts everywhere are looking to get as much expert assistance as possible in order to increase their chances of cashing consistently.If you’re among the MYBookie faithful that are looking to get a jump start on your March Madness betting, then consider your ticket punched! Thanks to the handful of expert betting tips you’re about to get, you’re going to find out how to get the March Madness edge that you’re looking for.

NCAA Basketball Betting Tips for 2018 March Madness Tournament

Hot or Not!

Look for March Madness tournament teams that enter the perennial on fire! Teams that get hot at the right time have a great shot of advancing in a tournament that favors streaking teams.Look at the quality of each streaking teams’ last few wins and ride the wave as part of your perfect bracket betting method.

Four or More!

March Madness teams with a No. 4 seed or higher in any region are the most likely winners of the annual March Madness tournament. The last team to win the annual March Madness basketball tournament that was not seeded fourth or higher in its region was Danny Manning’s 1988 Kansas team.The Jayhawks were ranked sixth in its region that year but got hot at just the right time in order to win it all. Arizona won it all as a No. 4 seed in 1997, but every National Championship winner since has been a No. 3 seed or higher with each of the last four tourney winners being a No. 1 seed.

Defense Does It!

Come on people…you know defense wins championships in every sport and this age-old adage is no different in college basketball. Teams that play some serious defense have the best chance of winning it all in my estimation. While offense can come and go, the defense is all about effort and nothing else.Teams that can lock in defensively late in games stand an excellent chance of bringing home the bacon come March Madness time.

Don’t Forget the Upsets!

First and foremost, you’re going to need to pick at least one upset in each region, but completing this task is a lot easier said than done. Look for higher seeds that maybe struggled down the stretch that are facing lower seeds that are either underrated or on a red-hot roll or even better, both.

ATS History

Check out each team’s ATS history thoroughly. I’m not just talking about their recent trends, but a lengthier look at their ATS history. Collegiate hardwood gamblers should look at both teams’ home and away ATS trends depending on where they’re paying while also looking at the history of the head-to-head matchup as well.Xavier is among the NCAA Basketball Betting favorites to win the 2018 Championship.Is this a neutral site game? If so, then how did both teams fare in their respective neutral site games? NCAA basketball bettors can also look at the game’s ATS line and then at similar lines for each team and how they fared.

Talent, Maturity, and Coaching?

More often than not, the team with more talent is the one that will win – and likely cover the spread. Does one team have a clear-cut edge in talent? Is the point spread far too high for the ‘better’ team to cover or is it reasonable? Not only should college hoops bettors look at the talent base of each team, but also at the overall maturity of each teams’ players and their collective mindset coming into the contest you plan on wagering on.

Find Value-Packed Matchups

The first thing all college basketball bettors should know is that oddsmakers are not in business to lose money and are very good at what they do – which is setting lines that, more often than not, bring them a winning return no matter which team the majority of the public backs. Having said that, clearly, some games offer much more value than others, while some, are absolute giveaways if you ask me.Finding these matchups is where all the work comes in, but make no mistake, each and every night, there is generally one or two cakewalk ATS outcomes waiting for NCAA college basketball bettors everywhere.So, there you have it college basketball bettors, your key handicapping tips to help cash in on the 2018 version of March Madness!