Follow our early March Madness guide, and you'll be able to get the most out of the event!

The Really Early March Madness Betting Strategy Guide

Written by on February 3, 2016

When it comes to cashing in consistently on March Madness, betting on college hoops is just like trying to win at any other sports event. By simply sticking to a few age-old ‘betting rules,’ even the most inexperienced collegiate basketball gaming enthusiast will be able to maximize their chances of cashing in consistently.Thanks to the expert March Madness betting tips you’re about to receive, you’re going to have a great opportunity to cash in early and often when the start of March Madness gets underway in approximately six weeks.Okay, with all of this said, let’s get started.

Early March Madness Strategy Guide

Use Head, Not Heart!

One of the very first things I tell all betting enthusiasts is to use what I like to call the ‘head over heart’ method. Sports betting enthusiasts in all genres should never, ever bet on one of their favorite teams!By avoiding teams that you may ‘love’, you’ll manage to stay clear of using your ‘heart,’ thereby effectively placing all of the focus goes on the game’s ATS outcome. While we all have favorite teams, I’ve seen thousands of bettors get in trouble because they’re ‘hoping’ their team can cover the spread more so than making an educated, unemotional wager.

Red Hot – Or Ice Cold!

One of the very first things that any college basketball betting enthusiast should do is look at the recent ATS trends of both teams in any game they may potentially wager on. Simply put, knowing whether or not a team is either streaking – or struggling – will give you the best insight into which team stands the best chance of cashing in for that particular matchup.For example, let’s say that North Carolina has gone 8-2 ATS in their last 10 games and they’re facing a Duke team that has gone a polar-opposite 2-8 ATS in its L/10. While several other factors could decide the ATS outcome of this hypothetical pairing, you had better believe that Carolina stands a better chance of cashing in than their in-state rivals.

Know Your History

Check out each team’s ATS history thoroughly. I’m not just talking about their recent trends, but a lengthier look at their ATS history. Collegiate hardwood gamblers should look at both teams’ home and away ATS trends depending on where they’re paying while also looking at the history of the head-to-head matchup as well. Is this a neutral site game? If so, then how did both teams fare in their respective neutral site games? NCAA basketball bettors can also look at the game’s ATS line and then at similar lines for each team and how they fared.

Jagged Edge?

More often than not, the team with more talent is the one that will win – and likely cover. Does one team have a clear-cut edge in talent? Is the point spread far too high for the ‘better’ team to cover or is it reasonable? Not only should college hoops bettors look at the talent base of each team, but also at the overall maturity of each teams’ players and their collective mindset coming into the contest you plan on wagering on.

Find Value-Packed Pairings!

The first thing any bettor should realize is that sports oddsmakers are not in business to lose money and are very good at what they do – setting lines that more often than not, bring them a winning return no matter which team the majority of the public backs. Having said that, clearly some games offer much more value than others, while some, are absolute giveaways if you ask me. Finding these matchups is where all the work comes in, but make no mistake, each and every night, there are generally one or two cakewalk ATS outcomes waiting for NCAA college basketball bettors everywhere.