Is #6 Gonzaga a Winning Betting Pick for the 2018 NCAA Championship?

Is #6 Gonzaga a Winning Pick for the 2018 NCAA Championship?

Written by on March 9, 2018

This is, for a lot of March Madness betting enthusiasts, the most exciting time of the year. March Madness is quite possibly the most exciting tournament in the world, and an event that a lot of college basketball bettors use to boost their bankroll. Winning over the long haul of the tournament is the way to go, but the real pride comes in being able to pick the winner before the first tip-off takes place next Tuesday. There are, realistically speaking, about 6 or 8 teams who could go all the way, with the Gonzaga Bulldogs certainly in that mix. If you are still on the fence about who to wager on as the National Champion, allow us to make a bit of a case for Gonzaga.

Is #6 Gonzaga a Winning Betting Pick for the 2018 NCAA Championship?

Revenge on their Mind

Very often, you see a team losing in the championship game come out the following season and play with some sort of a hangover. The Gonzaga Bulldogs went all the way to the big game last year, only to lose 71-65 to the North Carolina Tar Heels. Most of the players who played on that team are back, and the Bulldogs look very much like a team on a mission. They won the WCC regular season title, and then followed that up by winning the WCC Championship Game. They have made a habit of winning but have still maintained their ultimate goal which is to go one better than they did last season.

Gonzaga Have Some Serious Momentum

If winning breeds confidence, then this team needs to be one of the most confident groups heading into March Madness. We have already mentioned their exploits in the WCC, but what we did not mention is that they are now on a 12-game winning streak that they will be carrying into the tournament. I know a lot of bettors who view momentum as a major factor in their wagering choices, and I know that many of them will be looking at this current run that Gonzaga are on and viewing it as a sign that this is a team well worth putting some money on to go all the way.Are the Bulldogs a safe bet in the 2018 March Madness tournament?

A Very Balanced Team

Very often, we see teams that are offensively strong but who cannot keep their opponents off the board. On the flipside, defensive teams who have little to offer in the way of offense can be in real trouble when they run into a game where the opposition is shooting the lights out. Gonzaga are strong on both ends of the court, averaging 84.5 PPG on offense an allowing 67.1 PPG on defense. They are in a position where they don’t really need to rely on one or the other to get a win, which makes them dangerous, no matter what type of game they end up getting dragged into.

Can the Gonzaga Bulldogs Win the National Championship?

While the Bulldogs are not my pick to win it all this year, they are a team that is definitely in the running. A Final Four appearance is not out of the question, and I think betting on them to get there is certainly a decent bet. I’m not so sure they will win it all, though, but would absolutely not blame anyone for picking them to do so. They are a pretty complete package.