Virginia will be a tough team to get rid off.

NCAAB March Madness Odds Sleeper Teams

Written by on March 14, 2016

The brackets have been set and it’s time that we start really analyzing and digging deep into the 2016 tournament field. The odds have been released on which teams can win each of the regions along with which teams we should expect to win the National Championship. There are always favorites and then there are always some teams that people sleep on. In this article we are going to look at some March Madness betting sleeper teams that may be able to sneak up on the field and win it all.

March Madness Odds Sleeper Teams


All the talk this year is about Kansas and North Carolina winning it all. On top of that, everyone feels like Michigan State got “snubbed” with their #2 seed in this year’s bracket. Sitting quietly in the mix is the Virginia Cavaliers. The Midwest bracket appears to be one of the weakest brackets out of the four. If someone can knock off Michigan State then Virginia could have a nice path to the Final Four. They play defense and have a solid offensive efficiency. Vegas has them listed as +1100 to win it all. I’m not sure a #1 seed belongs as a sleeper, but, I don’t think many people will be picking them so that sounds like a sleeper to me.


A few years back VCU was one of those sleepers that everybody loved. Well, they still have a similar style of play and can do some damage in this year’s bracket. VCU is 24-10 on the season and got the #10 seed. They face the 19-12 Oregon State Beavers in the first round then will get a shot at Oklahoma in round 2. VCU is favored in round 1 by -3.5 points. If they can find a way past Oklahoma I think they could do damage in the West.


The Big Ten regular season champs have a little bit to prove after seeing their entire conference get disrespected in the seedings. The Hoosiers are a #5 seed yet have the firepower to make the Final 4. They have 33/1 odds of winning it all which is pretty good for a 5 seed. They have a well balanced attack and definitely have the resume to compete with North Carolina and Xavier in the East bracket.


Also out of the Big Ten is the Purdue Boilermakers. They make a real nice sleeper at #5 seed in the Midwest. Their path to the Final Four would include Little Rock, Iowa State, Virginia and Michigan State. All teams they can compete with. Purdue is really big, rebounds well, and is built for the tournament.


Our last sleeper of the day is the Gonzaga Bulldogs. They got hit with some injuries this season but still have the talent to do damage in the Midwest. Despite being a #11 seed they have the 7th best odds to win that Midwest Region. They are also favored in the first round over #6 Seton Hall. We have seen Gonzaga make deep tourney runs in the past and they make a good sleeper once again in 2016.So there are five teams that make for good sleeper picks to win the 2016 National Championship. Good luck with your betting over at!