MWC 2015-16 NCAA Hoops Betting Preseason Preview

MWC 2015-16 NCAA Hoops Betting Preseason Preview

Written by on November 13, 2015

The 2015-16 college basketball season is right around the corner and, based on the many preseason stories that have been bombarding the inter webs, most college basketball betting enthusiasts already know what to expect in the NCAA Basketball betting lines heading into this year’s action. In line with all such preseason talks, here’s how we figure the Mountain West Conference to play out this season in the online sports betting college basketball odds.

 MWC 2015-16 NCAA Hoops Betting Preseason Preview

MWC Champion 2015-16: San Diego State Aztecs

The Aztecs may not have a lethal defense, but with their defense easily boasting of being the best in the MWC, winning the conference title should be within the realms of high possibility for them.

MWC Runner-up 2015-16: Boise State Broncos

Arguably the best offensive unit in the MWC, the Broncos have more than enough firepower to extinguish nearly every opponent this season and give themselves a shot at winning the conference. Not to mention, Anthony Drmic, who missed a good part of last season due to injury, is back in the fold ready to make up for lost time. Together with the players who emerged formidably in his absence last year, the Broncos have a top-to-bottom balance to make themselves truly dangerous again this year.

MWC Dark Horse 2015-16: Fresno State Bulldogs

Forget about all those talks about the Bulldogs’ lack of balance. Marvelle Harris can score. He can rebound, block and steal as a defender. And yes, he can assist too. The fact that he’ll be playing alongside one of the best weapons in the conference in Rodney Terry means that Harris could be due for video game-like numbers, which should warrant a solid contention for the MWC title along with a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

MWC Player of the Year 2015-16: Marvelle Harris (Fresno State)

See the explanation above for reference of Harris’ credentials.

MWC Coach of the Year 2015-16: Steve Fisher (SDSU)

Look, this guy’s résumé speaks for him, so there’s really no need for me to blow his already loud trumpet. Oh, and the coaching in this conference is the opposite of deep, so no one should be able to Fish the points here like Fisher (pun intended).

MWC Defensive Player of the Year 2015-16: Winston Shepard (SDSU)

After watching Shepard’s tape and his ability to defend all five positions comfortably, there seems to be very little (read that negligible) competition to his chances of scooping this award. Plus, he is the anchorman in SDSU’s mean defense, which is highly likely to bloat up his numbers and reputation.

MWC Rookie of the Year: Stephen Zimmerman (UNLV)

Everyone is excited about this Stephen Zimmerman and his presence in the MWC, and the assumption is that Dave Rice will successfully run UNLV’s offense through him and make him the big star center he is expected to be. Nothing is guaranteed in college basketball betting, I know, but there’s probably not much harm in riding on the public opinion every once in a while, especially when it is looking this good, right? Yeah, I thought so too.