Potential 2018 March Madness teams that Few are Talking About

Potential 2018 March Madness teams that Few are Talking About

Written by on February 16, 2018

Every year when March Madness rolls around, we all spend a ton of time trying to figure out which teams will be the ones that have the potential to bust our brackets. What we are usually looking at are one or two mid-major teams who get hot at just the right time, springing upsets in the early rounds. These are teams that are not going to make it all the way to a National Championship, but they are the ones that can wreak havoc on the way to a Sweet 16 spot.If It is going to be a mid-major team that does the damage again this season, which one will it be? There are a few teams out there that could potentially become an interesting NCAAB betting pick, so be sure to watch out for these guys when wagering in the early rounds.

Potential 2018 March Madness teams that Few are Talking About

East Region 2018 NCAAB Tournament Betting Prediction

New Mexico State Aggies

The Aggies are now a very respectable 22-4 and at the top of the standings in the WAC, although they did just drop a game to Utah Valley. That loss aside, this is a team that has the ability to cause bigger schools a real headache. They are 4th in the nation in points allowed per game at 61.7, and while their offense cannot be described as potent, they are still putting up 74.5 PPG.Let’s not forget that this is a team that already has a win over a ranked team, beating the Miami Hurricanes, who were ranked #6 at that time, earlier this season.

Nevada Wolf Pack

Another team that has crossed the 20-win barrier already this season, the Wolf Pack are currently sitting at 22-5 and in control of the Mountain West Conference. Nevada has been in and out of the top 25 a few times this season, so they are not a team that is going to really take anyone by surprise.With an average of over 82 PPG, the Wolf Pack have the ability to put pressure on a lot of teas by forcing them into a shootout that they may not want. This is a team that we could very well still be talking about in the second week of the NCAAB Tournament, depending of course upon the bracket.

Louisiana Ragin Cajuns

Over the last couple of seasons, it has been the Sun Belt that has produced teams capable of delivering a surprise in the early rounds. If that conference is to deliver another Cinderella team this year, then chances are it may well be the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns.The Ragin Cajuns could become one of the biggest surprises at 2018 March Madness.They are 2 games up on Georgia State at the top of the conference, boasting a 22-4 season record and an offense that is scoring at a very solid 84.7 PPG clip. This is a team that is coming into March Madness on a great run of form, having only dropped a single game in the last 12. Consistent and confident is a good way to be right now.

Buffalo Bulls

While not sitting with a record as impressive as the other teams on this list, the Buffalo Bulls are still a very respectable 19-7. They get credit for playing a very tough non-conference schedule, and while they lost to all the bigger schools they played, they were incredibly competitive in those outings.It’s also worth noting that they have had some injury issues to deal with throughout the season. If this team is healthy going into the tournament, the team they face in the opening round could be on upset alert.