Seven Rules to Consider for March Madness Betting Action

Seven Rules to Consider for March Madness Betting Action

Written by on February 12, 2018

With the start of March Madness right around the corner, now is a perfect time to share some sage betting rules that I have formulated throughout my years as one of the best handicappers in the world today. Each of these March Madness betting rules has served me well and they can work for you too along checking the latest NCAAB odds constantly. Let’s get started!

Seven Rules to Consider for March Madness Betting Action

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It’s All About the Matchup

Like boxing and tennis, styles make matches when it comes to March Madness! Have you ever watched a March madness matchup and immediately come to the conclusion that, ‘My goodness, this is a bad matchup for ‘X’ team?’Well, it’s true, whether it’s because of roster personnel or style of play, some teams, simply match up very well or horrifically, against certain opponents. Always use caution when you see a contest featuring two teams that have either, polar-opposite playing styles or lower seeded teams whose personnel or style of play is a nightmare for their higher seeded opponents.

Never Bet on Teams You Haven’t Seen Firsthand

If you’re making March Madness bets on teams, you haven’t seen firsthand – just stop! A lot of college basketball bettors make wagers on teams based on their seeds or SU records, but the fact of the matter is that you should never, ever make a wager on a team that you haven’t seen for yourself firsthand. I mean, going by someone else’s advice, when you haven’t seen a team for yourself is kind of like someone telling you to take a hit in blackjack when they haven’t even seen your hand!

Real In the Field?

You do know that some teams play a soft schedule that features a bunch of easy, non-conference cream puffs that make for a fine regular season record but doesn’t help a team develop the toughness required to make it through the minefield that is March Madness. Make sure you know if a team has played a powder-puff schedule or whether they play tough competition all season long. In the end, it could mean everything.

Make at Least One Upset Pick for Each Region

If you don’t know by now, you’re going to need to pick at least one upset in every region. As a matter of fact, you should make one upset pick in each round. Predicting which upsets will take place and when can be extremely difficult, but it’s a virtual must as ‘upsets’ routinely happen in today’s parity-laden version of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Make Your Biggest Wagers on Games You’re ‘Sure’ About

You don’t have to be Neil DeGrasse Tyson to know that you should make your biggest wagers on games you have a high ‘certainty’ about. When you see what looks like a lock selection to you, then don’t waste time making your pick or even worse, second-guessing yourself out of it.

Coaching Matters

Unlike their professional counterparts, when any coach would look good with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant on their roster, college basketball coaches, really do make a big difference whether it’s with timely substitutions or routinely altering their game plans.You should take coaching under consideration when planning your March Madness Betting strategy.A sage college coach can theoretically change his defense from man-to-man to myriad zone defenses, or vice versa. If one coach is far superior to the other, that team will likely have a better chance of winning. Remember, in college basketball, coaching matters!

Keep it Simple!

You may not know it, but if you simply pick the ‘better’ team to win, barring those upset picks I told you to make, you’ll find out that the ‘better’ team wins far more often than you might imagine.While certain game’s point spread may make picking the ATS winner difficult, the better team generally wins outright. Keep it simple and never forget this simple March Madness betting rule.