Is SMU'S Larry Brown In Trouble? A College Hoops Odds Analysis

Is SMU’S Larry Brown In Trouble? A College Hoops Odds Analysis

Written by on October 1, 2015

If you were excited about SMU NCAA Basketball betting this season, you might want to think again. The NCAA has handed down a 2016 postseason ban for the Mustangs. Also, head coach Larry Brown has been suspended for nine games because of a lack of head coach control. The program is now on three years’ probation and will lose nine scholarships over the next three seasons. In a statement, SMU said, “While we accept responsibility for violations, the individuals responsible for the infractions have been held accountable both by the University and by the Committee on Infractions. To punish the student-athletes in the men’s basketball program by prohibiting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete in the postseason is simply wrong. It is not what our system of governance should be about and we are considering our response.”

Is SMU’S Larry Brown In Trouble? A College Hoops Odds Analysis

This SMU’s tenth major violation, the most of any major college program. SMU is the only school ever to receive the “death penalty” in football, which shut down football for two years in the late 1980s. The NCAA’s report accuses that Brown deliberately overlooked danger signs and instead made “choices against his better judgment when it came to compliance issues. These choices included not reporting possible violations in his program, initially lying to the enforcement staff during the investigation and providing no specific guidance to his staff on rules compliance.” Brown waited over a month after finding out about misconduct to report it back in 2014.SMU has 15 days to decide if they want to appeal the penalties against the basketball team. The men’s golf program has also received sanctions in an unrelated matter. Last year, SMU went to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1993.SMU president Gerald Turner said, “I think the one part that would have been that serious would have been had he lied to the NCAA, and I think the one time he was caught off-guard and said something, he corrected ti within that – he immediately called timeout and talked to his attorney and went back in and apologized for not being truthful immediately,” in an interview with USA Today Sports. “So, I think the fact that he correct his misstatement there was meaningful to us.”

What Does Coach Brown Have To Say About This?

Brown was asked in a press conference Tuesday whether one of the team’s administrative assistants had helped basketball player Keith Frazier gain eligibility to play for SMU. The investigation had focused on claims that a former administrator within the basketball program and former assistant coach Ulric Maligi had helped Frazier with his classwork. That administrator had Frazier’s username and password and had done coursework for Frazier with an online course that upped Frazier’s GPA before his admission to SMU.Brown indicated that the administrator was acting on her own and that he and his staff did not order her to do that. It remains to be seen whether or not the appeal will gain SMU postseason eligibility in 2016.