NCAAB Teams Cover No Matter the Spread

NCAAB Teams that Will Cover No Matter the Spread

Written by on February 17, 2016

This coming NCAA Tournament will be all about covering the spread if you are betting on the games. While the teams do not really care if they cover the spread or not, they just want to win the game; you care as the bettor. There are some teams that are better than others at covering the spread. Let’s take a look at some teams that will cover no matter what the NCAAB betting spread is in college basketball.

NCAAB Teams that Will Cover No Matter the Spread



The Kansas Jayhawks have one of the best teams in the country against the spread. In 24 games, the Jayhawks have covered 16 times. Kansas is one of the favorites to win the NCAA tournament, so they will have several spreads that will be large. Look for the Kansas Jayhawks to play well this March, and be a covering the spread machine in the world of college basketball.


Known for their bench, they are one of the best at covering the spread. Fans of the NCAA tournament hope this team gets in, because not only are they entertaining, but they are also good on the court. They are 16-9 against the spread this season. If they get in, watch their spread, and bet some money on them to cover.


As the second place team in the Horizon Conference, you never know. Valparaiso is the favorite to get into the tournament, but the conference tournament will be tough with Wright State in the mix as well. They have covered the spread in 17 out of 23 chances this season. They play an uptempo style, which is tough in tournament play. Look for them to be a spread covering machine come March Madness.

St. Joseph

The Hawks are an astonishing 21-4 this season, and we are not hearing much about them. They have won three straight games, and right in the mix with Dayton and VCU at the top of the Atlantic Ten. The Hawks have also been one of the best teams against the spread. This season, the Hawks have covered the spread 17 out of 24 times. They are pretty much a shoe-in to get into the tournament, so find their spread this March and make money!

Seton Hall

One of the surprise teams out of the Big East are the Pirates. The Seton Hall Pirates are 17-7 on the season, and appear to be in good shape for the tournament. Seton Hall is third in the Big East, following powers Villanova and Xavier. Against the spread, the Pirates are 16-7. While the Pirates may have some work to do to get into the tournament, they seem like a great bet to cover spreads once March Madness arrives.There are some great NCAA Basketball teams that will cover no matter what the spread is during upcoming March Madness. Enjoy the games, and best of luck with all your bets!