3 things to know about the upcoming 2020 NFL Schedule

3 things to know about the upcoming 2020 NFL Schedule

Written by on July 31, 2020

In most years, we’d take an article like this to discuss some of the top games on the NFL schedule. But this is the coronavirus pandemic year of 2020. That’s why we’re taking a slightly different approach to our 3 things to know about the upcoming 2020 NFL Schedule piece. Let’s jump right into it so you can start planning ahead your bets and wager on their NFL odds.

3 things to know about the upcoming 2020 NFL Schedule

2020 – 2021 NFL Regular Season

  • When: September 10 – January 3

Top 3 Things to Know About the 2020 NFL Schedule

1 – NFL could switch to a bubble concept during the season

The NHL may have the right idea. The NFL doesn’t know that yet. So, right now, the National Football League has decided to play games at individual stadiums.

Nobody believes that the league won’t have some sort of plan in place before September 10 that involves either an MLB thing or an NHL thing. The NBA thing, playing in a single location won’t work in the NFL because there a single place doesn’t exist with 8 viable football stadiums.

That’s what the league would need to have 16 games during a normal NFL week.

That’s a no-go. What are we left with? The league could take four cities, one in each region in the U.S., and build an NHL style “bubble” that way.

We’re not saying this will happen. We’re saying it could happen.

2 – NFL may or may not play in front of fans

No word yet on whether fans can attend. Keep this in the back of your mind. It’s important to make a note.

Playing football without fans could take away homefield advantage. Football is an emotional sport. NFL fans are closer to Barcelona and Manchester United soccer fans than they are to NBA or MLB fans.

Home teams that had an advantage won’t. Road teams could perform much better if they play without any fans in stadiums.

3 – If the NFL does play in front of fans, homefield, at least before the switch to the bubble concept, will mean a lot

Due to travel restrictions, opposing team fans may not head to visiting stadiums as often. That could lead to a situation where the only fans in the stadium are the home team fans.

That could make the difference between a road team covering the spread as a favorite or failing to cover.

The fan issue is the most important aspect of NFL betting. Sounds crazy, but home teams in the NFL account for 3 points. So, if a bad team like the Jets are at home and at +6, they’d be +9 on the road.

Make sure to keep an eye on any NFL bubble talk and also get a bead on whether the league will let fans go to stadiums. If they do let fans in, consider homefield an even bigger advantage.

Those are the 3 most important things to consider as you plan out your NFL Regular Season betting attack.