MAY 18 - Adrian Peterson Vs Marshawn Lynch Betting Props For 2017 NFL Season

Adrian Peterson Vs Marshawn Lynch Betting Props For 2017 NFL Season

Written by on May 18, 2017

Future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson missed almost all of the 2016 NFL regular season because of an early injury. Former Seattle Seahawks superstar running back Marshawn Lynch sat out the entire 2016 campaign after retiring from the league following the 2015 season.Now, with both veteran running backs set to make their respective returns to the NFL this fall, it should be known that you cash in big by nailing one or two of the value-packed matchup props odds that pit the two stars and their 2017 seasons against one another. Let’s check out those NFL betting odds, followed by a handful of expert picks on just how both players will fare against one another.

Analyzing The Adrian Peterson Vs Marshawn Lynch Betting Props For 2017 NFL Season


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Both RBs to Lead Team in Rushing Yards

Yes +200No -260Analysis: I’ll get right to the point by saying that both players could very well not lead their teams in rushing in 2017. The Saints have a really good running back in veteran Mark Ingram that rushed for a career-high 1,043 yards last season while Oakland’s Latavius Murray isn’t exactly chopped liver either after rushing for 788 yards while averaging 4.0 yards per carry.I think it’s very likely that the Saints ‘save’ the wear and tear on Peterson’s body by sharing the workload while Oakland does so just a bit less this coming season. I’m going with the ‘No’ selection here as I suspect that at least one of the two former superstars will not lead their team in rushing in 2017.Pick: No

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Both RBs to Lead Team in Rushing Touchdowns

Yes +180No -225Analysis: Adrian Peterson has been a touchdown-scoring machine for the vast majority of his career, but it should be known than he’s rushed for zero touchdown in two of the last three seasons while playing a grand total of four games in 2014 and 2016 because of injury.Marshawn Lynch has just four seasons in 10 years where he reached double figures in rushing touchdowns,but he found the end zone six times in just seven games in his final season, so I guess he’s more likely to beat Peterson in this race. However, I don;t think either running back will lead their team in rushing touchdowns as both, Mark Ingram and Latavius Murray are goal line monsters that know how to get in the end zone. Take the ‘N’ pick here people!Pick: NoMarshawn Lynch -174½ Rushing Yards +100

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Most Rushing Yards in 2017 NFL Regular Season

Adrian Peterson +174½ Rushing Yards -130Marshawn Lynch -174½ Rushing Yards +100Analysis: Adrian Peterson has three rushing titles in his career with the last coming in 2015 following a season-ending injury the year before. Marshawn Lynch has topped the 1,000-yard mark six times in his career including four straight times with Seattle from 2011-2014. However, the fact of the matter is that no one really knowns right now how much – or in what situations – each player will be used in their respective offenses.Both will be playing for pass-first teams with elite quarterbacks and both are older backs that could go down with an injury at any time. I like Marshawn Lynch to cover the 174.5-yard spread here, just because that’s a lot of yards for Peterson to win by and he could have less carries than Lynch in 2017.Pick: Marshawn Lynch +174.5 Yards