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NFL Betting Analysis: Highlights Football Advice For Postseason

Written by on December 10, 2016

If you’re gearing up for a successful NFL postseason betting campaign and you’re looking for some helpful betting advice that could help you cash in early and often over the course of the quickly-approaching playoffs, then you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to the expert online betting advice that you’re about to get, you’re going to have a great chance to make the most out of each and every wager you make this coming postseason. With that said, let’s rock and roll.

NFL Betting Analysis: Highlights Football Advice For Postseason


Keep it ‘One Hundred’!

As today’s young people are fond of saying…always ‘keep it 100’ with yourself. This simply means being a realistic bettor as opposed to a wishful one. While it is important to understand that losses are part of the betting business, it’s also equally important to know ‘why’ your wager turned out to be either a winning or losing proposition.

Are you ‘hoping and wishing’ the team you’re backing will cover the spread or are you confident that they will do just that? Take Super Bowl 50 for instance. A year ago, the Carolina Panthers were 5-point favorites to beat the Denver Broncos and I was confident that they’d do just that seeing as how the Panthers were playing out of their collective minds for virtually the entire season.

However, while Carolina ended up losing to Denver, my belief in the Panthers was more ‘concrete’ than wishful and rightfully so, even though the wager didn’t pan out how I’d hoped for. Did the team that caused you to lose your wager have a ‘lucky’ performance that you need to simply shrug off or were they simply better than the team you backed? Do you feel like you made a ‘stupid’ wager or was it a solid bet that just failed to pan out?

In the case of Super Bowl 50, I don’t feel like betting on the Panthers was ‘stupid’ by any stretch of the imagination and that Denver simply played the perfect game to get the huge upset win. Make sure you understand that a losing wager doesn’t have to affect your next bet…just make sure you ‘keep it 100’ with yourself concerning both teams involved.

Bet for Profit Only, Not Fun!

It might sound strange, but believe it or not, some people like to make playoff wagers for ‘fun’ instead of focusing on making a profit. Ask yourself if you are betting for excitement and fun or to make money? People that are making bets for fun and excitement are less structured and more casual with their wagers as opposed to bettors that are looking to make a profit.

Betting for fun increases your chances of losing, so make sure you are betting to make a profit. Sports betting is a business and you need to view it that way and adopt a professional approach to your NFL postseason wagering no matter how much you may like or dislike a particular team or teams.

Don’t make postseason wagers that don’t feel right or just for the hell of it. Again, going back to my previous point, make sure that you’re always being honest with yourself about both teams involved.

Defense Wins

There’s an age-old adage that says ‘Defense Wins Championships’ and it’s generally true when it comes to making wise NFL wagers, especially in the playoffs. Case in point, did you know that each of the last five Super Bowl winners were defensive-oriented teams that placed a higher premium on stopping their opponents from scoring than getting into the end zone themselves?

A year ago, Denver’s stingy defense made Cam Newton’s alter ego Superman look more like Bizzarro than the Man of Steel. In Super Bowl 49, the New England Patriots stopped Seattle from winning consecutive Super Bowls by intercepting Russell Wilson on the final play of the game. One year earlier, those same Seahawks shut down Peyton manning and the Broncos en route to a commanding 43-8 blowout win.

In Super Bowl 47, Ray Lewis led Baltimore’s lock-down defense to a fantastic first-half performance that pretty much sealed San Francisco’s Super Bowl fate while one year earlier, the New York Giants used a stupendous defensive effort to hold Tom Brady and the Patriots to just 17 points. The G-Men also used another powerful defensive effort to limit the Pats to just 14 points in Super Bowl 42.

Remember, when you’re looking for winning wagers in the NFL playoffs, the tem with the better defense is generally the smart pick.