In the eyes of many, the Panthers will pounce to absolute victory.

Why Bet the Carolina Panthers to Win Super Bowl 50

Written by on January 13, 2016

If truth be told, the vast majority of fans outside of North Carolina have been waiting all season long for the real Carolina Panthers to show up. It would appear that what we are seeing is the real deal, as the Panthers went 15-1 on the season, and are now sitting at 4-1 odds of winning Super Bowl 50. Their road to Levi’s Stadium will start this weekend with a tough match-up against the Seattle Seahawks, but the Panthers have shown all season long that they are a resilient team that seems to thrive on any challenge thrown their way. There are a number of reasons why they are a good bet at any odds.

Why Bet on the Carolina Panthers

There are certainly numerous reasons not to like what Cam Newton brings to the table in terms of his on-field antics, but you have to take the good with the bad. Newton has matured as a QB this season, and he now looks as comfortable in the pocket as he does escaping it for a big running play. Newton no longer seems phased by errors, and that increase in confidence levels is what will likely carry him to an MVP this season. It may also make him a Super Bowl winning QB in February.If you had to pick just one reason to wager on the Panthers to win Super Bowl 50, it would have to be their home field advantage. They went a perfect 8-0 there this season, and Cam Newton seems to raise his game to all new levels of excellence when playing in front of his own fans. There will be no dodgy cold weather trips on the docket for the Panthers in the postseason, which is in and of itself a fabulous advantage.
The Panthers have a clear home advantage this season.
Carolina has an impeccable 8-0 home record.
Cam Newton has indeed been the man for the Panthers this season, but would he have achieved MVP status without Greg Olsen to throw to? I don’t think so. Olsen is a tight end who puts up numbers that most WR’s in the league would be envious of. He is more than just a safety outlet for Newton, and it can be argued that he makes his QB look even better than he is, thanks in large part to his ability to pull in passes that are less than perfectly thrown.If one element of this team has slipped under the radar this season, it has to be the defense. Led by Luke Keuchly, this group has made a habit of getting after the QB, whilst also forcing all sorts of fumbles and turnovers. It’s an opportunistic group that isn’t going to let you get any yards on them without a fight. If the offense struggles over the next few weeks, this defensive group might well be able to pick up the pieces and take this team to the Super Bowl.