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Betting on the Chiefs to win Super Bowl 50 Is Not A Crazy Idea

Written by on January 12, 2016

Six weeks into the season, it looked as though the Kansas City Chiefs were toast. After all, only one other team in NFL history had made it to the playoffs after a 1-5 start, which is exactly where the Chiefs were at heading into Week 7. What happened from that point on is nothing short of miraculous, as KC went on a 10-game winning streak to punch their playoff ticket, before heading into Houston to take out the Texans 30-0. That makes their win streak 11 games, and they now look like a steal at odds of 10-1 to win Super Bowl 50.

Bet On Alex Smith

If you were asked to put together a team that could win the Super Bowl, how many of you would have Alex Smith in as the QB? I would wager that no-one outside of Kansas City would do that, yet he has very quietly put together a very effective season. He had a career year in the passing game, but more importantly, he only threw 7 picks all season long. Yes, you can put the label of “game manager” on Smith if you want, but he showed against the Texans that he has all the attributes a QB needs to win big games. If he can steer clear of the big mistakes, the Chiefs can go all the way.

The Offense Needs To Get Better To Beat The Patriots… win Super Bowl 50

As impressive as the Chiefs winning run has been this season, there have been a few games where the offense has gone to sleep in the second half. They may be able to get away with that against lesser opponents, but it will come back to bite them against teams as accomplished as the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos. The Chiefs will need to put in the sort of sustained offensive effort they showed in Houston, and that game will have given them the confidence to do so.
The Kansas City Chiefs are on fire, winning their last 11 games.

Betting on the Chiefs Defense

As mentioned, the defense of the Chiefs has had to raise its game on a number of occasions this season, which is a trend that will need to carry on over to the playoffs of the Chiefs are to win Super Bowl 50. This is a really good group of guys, and they have made a habit of getting pressure on the QB and causing turnovers. The defense has helped the Chiefs win the field position battle more often than not, and they will need to so the same in New England and beyond if those 10-1 odds are going to result in a winning ticket.