Peyton Manning didn't play his finest in SB50, should that be a clue to retirement?

Odds On Peyton Manning Retiring In the Off-Season

Written by on February 9, 2016

Let’s just be honest – the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 in SPITE of their quarterback. Anyone who watched the game on Super Sunday knows Peyton Manning did not look right in that game. It was not a first time thing, as the sheriff is past his prime. It’s clear that Peyton Manning is not healthy, and he will turn 40 years old. That only leads us NFL betting analysts and fans to the question – what are the Odds on Peyton Manning Retiring in the Off-season.

How Do The Odds Balance Out To Manning Retiring or Staying

Many Reasons Peyton Manning Should Retire

Peyton Manning was 13 of 23 for 141 yards and no touchdowns in the Super Bowl. The Broncos ran the ball late in the game, no matter what the situation was, because they knew Manning could not get the football out well enough. Manning threw a terrible interceptions and was sacked five times. Manning never could run the football, and did not change that thought process any in the Super Bow. Manning had the worst statistical season of his career. he started 9 games during the regular season and threw for just over 2,200 yards and 9 touchdowns.The veteran threw 17 interceptions, and the former Tennessee Volunteers star had a QB rating of just 67.9. It doesn’t appear Manning has any upside left to him in the National Football League. If that’s not enough reasons to get Peyton Manning to retire, I am not sure what is.

A Few Reasons Peyton Manning Should Not Retire

On the other side, maybe Peyton Manning can have minor surgery over the off season, and come back and deliver a great season for either the Denver Broncos or another team. It appears the Broncos will be ready to move on, so maybe Manning was to build a legacy with yet another team. He was terrific with the Indianapolis Colts and fantastic with the Denver Broncos in his career. A third team would put quite the notch in his belt. The Super Bowl may revitalize him to get healthy over the offseason and allow him to play yet another season in the league.

Odds That Peyton Manning Retires Before Next Season

Well, the off season is here. Peyton Manning did not retire following the Super Bowl win. There was a 12/1 bet that he would retire before the Super Bowl started. Then, a 2/1 bet was available that said Manning would retire during the post game press conference. 24/1 was on Manning retiring on the Players Tribune, and 100/1 he announced his retirement with a poem. Those may have been some goofy bets on Manning retiring, in the end, he has yet to do so yet.March Madness banner So, what are the odds of Peyton Manning retiring during this off-season – currently the odds are at +100, with even money. I mean, come on, Peyton Manning is a guy that will defy logic, and when it comes to this man, and what he has done for this game, there is no logic to it.