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2016 NFL MVP Picks Who Will Get the Job Done?

Written by on August 11, 2016

Will a quarterback like reigning MVP Cam Newton or past winners like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady bring home the MVP hardware or will a running back or, heaven forbid – a wide receiver – bag the 2016 MVP award? Let’s find out after a quick look at the last half-dozen MVP winners and their betting lines.

Analyzing The 2016 NFL MVP Picks Who Will Get the Job Done?

A champ like Tyson, a Captain like Kirk, no Employee of the Month, cause yo, I do work The K-A-N-E is on the J-O-B An expert, cause I get it D-O-N-E So lights, camera, action – all hail the one! That gets the job done  – Big Daddy Kane In the now immortal words of legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane…one player, above all others, will ‘put in work’ to win the 2016 NFL MVP award.

Recent MVP Winners

2010 Tom Brady 2011 Aaron Rodgers 2012 Adrian Peterson 2013 Peyton Manning 2014 Aaron Rodgers 2015 Cam Newton  

1. Aaron Rodgers +450

I think Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the game today, but No. 1 wideout Jordy Nelson is not back to full strength after missing all of last season, meaning Rodgers’ numbers will suffer again in 2016.

2. Ben Roethlisberger +550

A healthy Big Ben would have a real shot – if Martavis Bryant and Le’Veon Bell could both stay off the weed!

3. Cam Newton +600

Newton was the runaway winner a year ago – which leads me to believe his haters will not allow him to win consecutive MVP awards. I mean…it is the United State people!

4. Russell Wilson +800

The league MVP award is just about the only hardware Russell Wilson doesn’t have at this point of his still young career. If the Seahawks soar in 2016…it could happen for Mr. dangerRuss!

5. Tom Brady +600

Four missed games to start the season will likely keep Brady out of the MVP mix…right?

6. Andrew Luck +900

Luck needs a 4,500-yard passing season and a dozen wins to have a chance. Guess what? He has a chance people!

7. Carson Palmer +1200

Palmer has been putting up crazy numbers the last couple of seasons in Arizona’s explosive offense and I think Palmer will be a top-five MVP finisher in 2016 at the very least!

8. Eli Manning +2200

The G-Men simply won’t be good enough on defense to give Manning a real chance – although they could potentially win the NFC Least in 2016.

9. Drew Brees +2800

Brees will throw for 4,000 yards (again) but the Saints will be mediocre at best, meaning the future Hall of Famer won’t have a legitimate chance to bag the MVP award this coming season.

10. Adrian Peterson +2500

Minnesota needs to throw the ball more – and better – meaning Peterson should have fewer carries in 2016. Not gonna’ happen for A.D.

11. Todd Gurley +3500

Gurley clearly has the talent to win the MVP award, but the rebuilding Rams (again) won’t be much more than an 8-8 team in 2016, meaning he won’t have a real chance until his team gets better.

12. Andy Dalton +4500

Dalton was having career year last season until getting hurt late. Still, it’s going to take a ‘super special’ campaign for Bengals haters everywhere to vote for Dalton.

13. Tony Romo +4500

Seriously? Romo can’t stay upright and healthy enough to lift a brand new kitten. How the hell is he going to lift the MVP trophy?

14. Derek Carr +5000

Carr is gifted, but still a bit too young right now, not to mention his Oakland Raiders team won’t be elite, at least for another season or two at best.

15. Rob Gronkowski +5500

No Tom Brady means Gronk’s chances will slip with backup Jimmy Garoppolo under center for the first four regular season games.

17. JJ Watt +5500

Watt is fantastic and looks like a sure-fire future Hall of Famer at this point. Still, I’m thinking he’s got a better shot at bagging another Defensive Player of the Year award far more than a league MVP trophy.

18. Le’Veon Bell +6500

What’s that I smell? Bell’s ganja-loving ways have cost him four games – and his shot at the MP award!

19. Eddie Lacy +7500

Lacy is fitter than ever and could challenge to finish in the top 10 if he has a monster campaign.

20. Matt Ryan +7500

If the Falcons soar and Ryan top the 4,000-yard mark, he could have a legitimate chance, though I think a top 10 finish is the best Matty Ice can expect at this point of his career.

21. Antonio Brown +4000

With Martavis Bryant and Le’Veon bell both out, Brown will see his share of passes in 2016. Not only could he take Brandon Marshall’s Porsche, but he could turn out to be a surprise MVP winner in 2016.

22. Brock Osweiler +8500

Osweiler will make the Texans a lot better in 2016, but I just don’t see the former Broncos backup as an ‘MVP’ caliber player.

23. Ezekiel Elliot +8500

Elliott is the favorite to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, but expecting an MVP campaign in his rookie season is asking a bit too much!

24. Julio Jones +8500

Jones can make ridiculous catches virtually in his sleep, but anything outside of a top 10 finish at best is a stretch.

25. Matt Stafford +8500

The loss of Calvin Johnson will hurt the strong-armed Stafford’s chances, not to mention the fact that the Lions will likely finish around .500 at best. Right now…my top five finishers are… Carson Palmer Russell Wilson Andrew Luck Cam Newton Ben Roethlisberger