NFL MVP Regular Season Award Early Odds

NFL MVP Regular Season Award Early Odds

Written by on May 29, 2020

While the rest of the sporting world remains in limbo, the NFL are moving forward as normal, or as normal as things get right now. They are still planning on beginning the season on time and have also made it clear that they expect to have fans in the stadiums when the regular season does begin. Time will tell whether that is in fact the case or not, but for now, we can at least focus on some of the positive things. That would include thinking ahead to the personal awards doled out in the NFL each year, with the regular season MVP very high on that list. Let’s take a look at the early favorites and their odds to win the NFL MPV Regular Season Award.

NFL Regular Season MVP Early Odds

Patrick Mahomes (+350)

History has shown us that it is almost always a quarterback that wins the MVP, so a good lace to start might well be the player who is a defending Super Bowl Champion. Mahomes won the award in 2018, but he lost the opportunity to win it in back to back season after missing a few weeks through injury last season. Given the weapons that he has at his disposal in Kansas City, it is fair to suggest that he will put up some gaudy numbers again this season. If he stays healthy, Mahomes has to be considered a very good bet.

Lamar Jackson (+650)

Jackson delivered a regular season for the record books last season, putting up insane numbers through the air and on the ground. That was enough to earn him a thoroughly deserved MVP award, but he would almost certainly have traded that for a run at the Super Bowl. He and the Ravens were basically shut down in the opening round of the postseason, which must make you a little nervous if you are thinking about playing him as the MVP again this season. Defensive coordinators will have had plenty of time to deliver schemes designed to sloe Jackson down.

Tom Brady (+850)

It is going to be very strange indeed to see Tom Brady take to the field in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform, but make no mistake about it, he is as serious about winning as he has ever been. It would appear that the Bucs are, too, because they have done all they can to surround Brady with weapons and protection, including going out and luring Rob Gronkowski out of retirement. It is all a huge gamble, especially given Brady’s age, but the GOAT continues to defy Father Time. I’m still not sure that he can do enough to top the numbers that the likes of Mahomes and Jackson are going to put up.

Russell Wilson (+1000)

As good as Wilson has been in his time in the NFL, he has not really put up the numbers that you would expect of an MVP QB. He has done the most important thing, though, which is to win championships, but it would be nice to see him get an MVP award at some point. There are times when Wilson takes the entire Seahawks team on his shoulders and carries them to a win. That has to be recognized, but I still think he is a bit of a longshot to win the award this season.