Manziel Going Sober What Are The Odds He's Staying Like That

Manziel Going Sober? What Are The Odds He’s Staying Like That?

Written by on July 5, 2016

NFL Reports on Thursday say that beleaguered former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has finally decided to straighten up and fly right after a series of offseason missteps that have derailed what once looked like a promising career just waiting to happen. Find the latest NFL odds here.

Manziel Going Sober? What Are The Odds He’s Staying Like That?

 While the 23-year-old former Texas A&M star is now a free agent after being released by the Cleveland Browns earlier this year, he was also suspended for four games by the NFL on Thursday for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Now, the question is this. With Manziel confidantes claiming the talented, but underachieving signal-caller is reportedly going ‘cold turkey’ in his efforts to overcome a still undetermined addiction issue, how long will Manziel stay on the wagon?

Fictional Johnny Manziel Odds to Stay Clean

He’ll Never Get off the Stuff! -200
Six Months…tops! -150
At least a year! +250
He’ll stay clean for at least a decade +1000

Analysis: If he signs with another team before the start of the 2016 regular season (It’s not gonna’ happen), Manziel would be suspended for the first four games of the coming season and will be available for Week 5.

However, Manziel also has another issues hanging over him and could face additional discipline under the personal conduct police for other transgressions, including being charged with assaulting his girlfriend earlier this year.

A source close to the enigmatic Manziel had this to say on Wednesday.

“I do believe he’s serious,” the source told ESPN. “He’s talked for a while about knuckling down, getting ready and working out. It’s more about health and having options and feeling good. If that works out for this season, great. But if not, that’s OK too.”

Last week, Manziel’s father, Paul, told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that Manziel is a “druggie” and that a stint in jail might save his life.

Paul Manziel added that he checked his son into a rehab clinic earlier this year, but “escaped” at some point into his stay.

Manziel faces misdemeanor assault charges for allegedly rupturing the eardrum of former girlfriend Colleen Crowley during a January dispute in Texas and also faces a lawsuit for his part in the trashing of a Los Angeles rental home.

Now, for me, I can’t believe that Johnny Manziel will be able to avoid the drug-related issues that have plagued him almost since he came into the NFL for very long.

Manziel is still, clearly, very immature and he apparently doesn’t have a real solid supporting cast. I guess it’s possible that Manziel could stay off the stuff for six months to a year, but I certainly wouldn’t bet on anything beyond that and have to say that, right now, the best pick is to bet on Manziel to stay clean for six months or a year at best.

While I believe Manziel will clean up his act at some point in the very near future, I suspect by this time next year, we will once again be reading about how Manziel has fallen off the wagon. Keep it simple and don’t back Manziel to stay clean for longer than a year at best!

The Pick: Johnny Manziel to stay clean for at least a year, with six months being the second best bet on the board!