Broncos and Panthers Super Bowl LI Odds

What are the Odds that Panthers or Broncos Return in SBLI?

Written by on February 4, 2016

We all know the National Football League is a crazy sport, as proven by the crazy line movement of the Super Bowl Betting Lines at But, when asked about the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos for 2017, a lot of positives come to mind. Let’s look at the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers expectations for the 2017 season and the likelihood of getting back to the Super Bowl.

Panthers Odds of Going Back to the 2017 Super Bowl

When you are comparing the two football teams, the Carolina Panthers have the better chance of getting back to the Super Bowl in 2017. The Panthers have a young nucleus, and a quarterback that is still emerging as a young star. They will have the defending MVP back, when it’s announced this weekend that Cam Newton wins the award.The offensive line is pretty much all going to be back, and the receiving core that has emerged as a solid group will get Kelvin Benjamin, the best athlete of the bunch back. So, to compare the two Super Bowl 50 teams, Carolina has a much better shot than Denver. 

Don’t Count Out the Broncos for Super Bowl 2017

The Denver Broncos though should never be counted out. No matter who the quarterback is, the Broncos still will have elite talent on the field. The running game will look to improve, but the receivers in DeMaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are tough to defend. The main part of the Denver Broncos success – the defense is going to be terrific once again. Von Miller is a force, and we can about assure you – he is not going anywhere. So if Manning comes back, well, you have a 40 year old behind center, but if not, still look for the Denver Broncos to make a case out of the AFC.

Can Bettors Expect the Panthers or Broncos to return to the Super Bowl in 2017?

Well the Seattle Seahawks recently made it back to back seasons, but it’s tough, and it’s rare. In the NFC, the Panthers will be the favorite, although Seattle and Arizona will be good. Now, keep in mind, this is before free agency and the draft, so much could happen between now and then. But to answer the original question – absolutely both teams COULD get back, but to bet that they WILL get back is a little bit of a risky move.

First, 2016 Super Bowl 50 Odds and Pick

Before we really get worried about 2017, we have 2016 to focus on. The odds at are released and the Panthers are -6 point favorites. The total is 45 points for the game.We think Carolina is a much better overall football game. Look for Cam Newton to wow the crowd and the viewers. Peyton Manning could get a lot of pressure from the Carolina defense. Our pick and prediction for the game is Carolina 35 and Denver 21. Bet on Carolina -6! Enjoy the Super Bowl, and best of luck with all your bets!