NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round Preview

NFL Playoffs 2018 Divisional Round Betting Preview

Written by on November 21, 2017

If you can’t wait to get your 2018 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round bets in, then you have come to the right place. will have live betting odds available for every 2018 playoffs game as soon as the matchups are released.

NFL Playoffs 2018 Divisional Round Betting Preview

The Divisional games will be played over the course of two days. We will have a pair of games going on Saturday, January 13, followed by two more on Sunday, January 14. Two teams in each of the conferences will automatically book their tickets into the Divisional Round, bypassing the madness that is Wild Card Weekend.There is still a lot of football to be played before we discover who lands where, but things certainly look a little clearer in the AFC than they do in the NFC.The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots look to have a stranglehold on their divisions, and since they both share the best record in the AFC, it would not be a surprise to see them in the Divisional Playoffs. Things are a good deal less clear in the NFC, although the Philadelphia Eagles, who have the best record in football, look as though they will be there, barring a major collapse.You then have the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints playing great football right now, but chances are that one of them may be forced to go the Wild Card route. We’ll keep you up to date on all the latest NFL odds, and will definitely preview the NFL Divisional Games once they are set.

Recent Super Bowl History (Last 10 Match-Ups)

  • SB51: New England Patriots 34 – Atlanta Falcons 28
  • SB50: Denver Broncos 24 – Carolina Panthers 10
  • SB49: New England Patriots 28 – Seattle Seahawks 24
  • SB48: Seattle Seahawks 43 – Denver Broncos 8
  • SB47: Baltimore Ravens 34 – San Francisco 49ers 31
  • SB46: New York Giants 21 – New England Patriots 17
  • SB45: Green Bay Packers 31 – Pittsburgh Steelers 25
  • SB44: New Orleans Saints 31 – Indianapolis Colts 17
  • SB43: Pittsburgh Steelers 27 – Arizona Cardinals 23
  • SB42: New York Giants 17 – New England Patriots 14