NFL Betting Predictions on Teams That Could Start the 2016 Season 0-5

Predicting the NFL Teams That Could Start the 2016 Season 0-5

Written by on July 8, 2016

If your favorite NFL team starts the season at 0-5, go ahead and kiss the playoffs goodbye. No team in league history has reached the postseason after losing its first five. Only one has done so when beginning 0-4, the 1992 San Diego Chargers. Here are two teams I believe could start 0-5 this season along with their season win totals on NFL lines.

Potential 0-5 Teams That Can Devastate Your NFL Betting Season

Cleveland Browns (4.5 Wins)

Let’s put it simply for the NFL’s worst roster in 2016: There is no opponent on the schedule that says “Browns win.” I’m sure they will win at least one because only one club in NFL history has gone 0-16. I just don’t know where that win will come. Perhaps later in the year when the opponent no longer cares because it has been eliminated from the playoffs or has already locked down a spot and will rest starters.In Week 1, the Browns visit Philadelphia, which is a touchdown favorite. Not impossible for Cleveland to go win there as the Eagles are playing their first game under new coach Doug Pederson, but rather unlikely. Only shot I give the Browns is if Eagles QB Sam Bradford has to leave the game injured.Week 2, Cleveland hosts Baltimore. The Browns simply find ways to lose to the Ravens almost every time. Yes, the Ravens really struggled in 2015 but that was due to injuries and some really bad luck. They will be back as an AFC North contender this year.In Week 3, Cleveland will visit a Miami team that’s probably desperate at 0-2. Week 4, is a trip to defending NFC East champion Washington. And the Redskins players are going to want to put a beating on their former teammate, Browns QB Robert Griffin III. That’s if RGIII is still healthy by this game.And then comes a 100 percent sure loss in Week 5: against New England. The Patriots will be welcoming back Tom Brady from his four-game suspension in that one. You think there’s any chance Brady would lose to the Browns in his season debut? Uh, no.

San Francisco 49ers (5.5 Wins)

I have a caveat to the 49ers starting at least 0-5. They could actually win Week 1 against the visiting Rams, but Los Angeles is favored and should take care of business with a healthy Todd Gurley and stout defense.After that, I see little chance of the 49ers winning their next four games. Week 2, the 49ers will get destroyed in defending NFC champion Carolina’s home opener. Believe it or not, the Niners were good the last time the teams played. That was in Charlotte in the divisional round of the playoffs following the 2013 season and San Francisco won.In Week 3, the Niners have no chance in Seattle. San Francisco scored a total of 16 points in losing twice to the Seahawks in 2015. In Week 4, the Dallas Cowboys visit San Francisco. The Cowboys should have one of the NFL’s best offenses — Frisco maybe the worst — as long as QB Tony Romo is healthy. And in Week 5, the 49ers host defending NFC West champion Arizona, again one of the NFL’s most talented teams and an NFC favorite again on NFL betting lines. That might be the toughest five-game opening of any NFL team.