This was the year that Cam Newton finally matured and turned into the sort of QB that wins Super Bowls.

NFC Betting Odds to Win Super Bowl 50

Written by on January 9, 2016

We all tend to focus on the individual teams once the playoffs roll around, but it’s always fun to try and figure out which conference will provide the winner each year. The NFC has a slight 26 to 23 lead over the AFC in Super Bowl betting wins, and they will be looking to stretch that lead this year. Let’s take a look at who will be representing the NFC, as well as their odds to win the big game.

NFC Betting Odds for Victory

Carolina Panthers (+350)

This was the year that Cam Newton finally matured and turned into the sort of QB that wins Super Bowls. He no longer looks to run first, and now looks incredibly comfortable in the pocket. He is surrounded by some pretty nice weapons, with Greg Olsen the guy that teams are probably going to have to double team if they hope to slow the Panthers down.

Arizona Cardinals (+350)

Coach Bruce Arians has taken this franchise from relative obscurity and has turned them into a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Arians was the man who helped turn the Steelers into an offensive juggernaut when he was the OC there, and he has now done the same thing with Arizona. Opposition defenses are going to have to be at their very best to stop Palmer, Fitzgerald, and the rest of the Cardinals offense.

Seattle Seahawks (+450)

Ask any football fan which team they think is most likely to win the Super Bowl from the Wild Card spot this season, and the vast majority will likely pick the Seahawks. After all, this is a team that has gone all the way to the big game in the last 2 years, and their current squad of players is not that far removed from those 2 teams.
The Seahawks are a team that's gone all the way to the big game in the last 2 years.
Seattle has reached the main event in the last two years.

Green Bay Packers (+2200)

It has been something of a down year for the Packers this season, with much of the problems coming on the offensive side of the ball. Aaron Rodgers has found it tough to stretch the field with Jordy Nelson out for the year through injury, but that doesn’t mean he can’t tap into his MVP bag of tricks and pull out 3 great performances in the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings (+2500)

Adrian Peterson made a triumphant comeback from suspension, putting together a regular season that saw him run for close to 1,500 yards. He has hinted that he might hang up the cleats if the Vikings can win the Super Bowl. You can never discount a group rallying around a veteran and raising their game to win one for him. Anyone remember the Jerome Bettis story back in Super Bowl 40?

Washington Redskins (+3500)

Like the Houston Texans on the AFC side, the Redskins benefitted from playing in a pretty weak division, and that was enough to have them as the longshot in the NFC. Kirk Cousins is tearing it up at the QB position, and is certainly not lacking in confidence. The rest of the team is buying in, and they could certainly build some momentum with a home field win over the Packers on Wild Card Weekend.