Super Bowl LIV Bets You Shouldn't Make

Super Bowl LIV Bets You Shouldn’t Make

Written by on January 22, 2020

In today’s modern, high-tech betting times, there is now an annual avalanche of Super Bowl wagers that NFL bettors can make on the season-ending championship title tilt. However, if you are planning on betting on the upcoming Super Bowl LIV matchup between the favored Kansas City Chiefs and underdog San Francisco 49ers, then you should know that all Super Bowl wagers aren’t created equal and that there are some Super Bowl bets you just shouldn’t make!

To that end, I’m going to highlight a handful of Super Bowl LIV bets that look like value-challenging wagers that offer little incentive for you to make them. Now, let’s get started as we move closer to the one week mark from Super Bowl LIV. 

Here Are The Super Bowl LIV Bets You Shouldn’t Make

50-50 Bets That Offer Little Hope

While a 50-50 bet offers you a 50 percent chance of cashing in, some 50-50 wagers simply aren’t worth it if you ask me.

Coin Toss

Since the first Super Bowl, Heads has been the winning selection 25 times and Tails, 28 times. The winner of the Super Bowl has won the coin toss 24 times with Heads coming up on a dozen of those occasions. Despite all of this history, unless you don’t mind potentially parting with your money, I say stay away from the coin toss props odds wager and several other 50-50 wagers that simply aren’t offering the same value as a knowledgeable Super Bowl wager on some players props or the actual game itself. 

Gatorade Shower

  • Lime/Green/Yellow +275
  • Clear/Water +300
  • Red/Pink +300
  • Blue +400
  • Orange +400
  • Purple +1400

Past Super Bowl Winning Gatorade Results

  • 43 / Yellow / Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 44 / Orange / New Orleans Saints
  • 45 / Orange / Green Bay Packers
  • 46 / Purple / New York Giants
  • 47 / None / Baltimore Ravens
  • 48 / Orange / Seattle Seahawks
  • 50 / Orange / Denver Broncos
  • 51 / None / New England Patriots
  • 52 / Yellwo / Philadelphia Eagles
  • 53 / Blue / New England Patriots

Purple and yellow have been used in just two Gatorade showers since 2000, but Orange has ruled by producing four of the last 10 winning colors. Still, this wager is like throwing a dart – blindfolded and that just isn’t any way to manage your Super Bowl betting bucks when they could be going towards a more potentially, sure-fire selection. 

Silly Props Bets

By all means, stay away from some of the silly props bets you’re going to see surrounding Super Bowl 54. 

Will Alex Rodriguez be Shown at Halftime?

Yes, one of baseball’s biggest cheaters is being mentioned in a Super Bowl props wager because he’s dating halftime performer Jennifer Lopez. However, can immediately pick 20 other Super Bowl props odds wagers that are offering a ton more value than betting on whether A-Rod will be shown at halftime or not. 

Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself Sign To Be Shown

Okay, so the late Jeffrey Epstein is even more notorious than Alex Rodriguez, but I can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind would bet on whether or not a sign is going to be shown during Super Bowl 54 in regards to the alleged monster. Yeah…it’s definitely best to save your money on some of these silly props odds wagers NFL betting faithful! 

Will The Winner of The Iowa Caucus Tweet About SB During

You have got to be kidding me. Really, no one knows who’s going to win the Iowa Caucus right now, even though Joe Biden and Bernie sanders are almost assuredly the top two picks to do so. Still, I can’t see either Presidential candidate going ‘all Donald Trump’ and tweeting about the Super Bowl no matter what happens in Iowa. Now, if Elizabeth warren wins, then all bets are off.