Teams That Can Surprise NFL Betting Fans This Season

Teams That Can Surprise NFL Betting Fans This Season

Written by on June 17, 2016

Even before a single game is played in the NFL each year, we usually have a pretty good idea as to who will be playoff bound, and who will be out of the picture very early on. Over the years, it has been the same teams who seem to occupy both ends of the spectrum, but there is also a middle group than can either rise or fall based on a number of different factors. For every New England Patriots at the top and Cleveland Browns at the bottom there is a team like the San Diego Chargers who seem destined to go 8-8, but who could also go up or down with a little bit of luck. There are a few teams that have the potential to fall into the surprise category this season, and the online NFL lines are good enough that they might be worth taking a little wager on.

Let’s Talk About the Teams That Can Surprise NFL Betting Fans This Season

Jacksonville Jaguars (+4000)

This has been the franchise that has set the bar for mediocrity and a seeming unwillingness to win over the past decade, but things look to be changing in Florida. The usually frugal Jaguars have made a massive splash in the free agent market this offseason, and a couple of great draft years has them looking like a potential contender. It may take a while for all of those new components to fit together, but if they do, the Jaguar may well transform into a dark horse.

Houston Texans (+3300)

It seems as though the Texans fall into this category every year, only to come out and lay an egg every single time. There is no denying that their defense, led by the inimitable J.J. Watt, is a force to be reckoned with, but it’s the offense that usually fails to get the job done. The Texans paid a lot of money to get QB Brock Osweiler away from the Denver Broncos, and while it seems like a bit of a gamble, it may be the change that could make the difference.

New York Jets

Let’s put a little bit of an asterisk beside this pick, as it really all depends on whether or not Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the man under center this season. QB Fitzpatrick is still in the midst of a contract dispute, but all signs seem to point towards a one-year deal getting done before the season gets underway. The addition of Matt Forte at RB appears to be a great move than can only make this offense even better.

Miami Dolphins (+5000)

This is another franchise that has been a little too content with mediocrity for too long, but there is a genuine sense of excitement in Miami ahead of the coming season. The Dolphins have installed a new head coach with a proven offensive pedigree, and he has surrounded QB Ryan Tannehill with some great offensive weapons. There are no more excuses for Tannehill, and if he can continue to play the way he did for a large portion of last season, the Dolphins could become a legitimate threat.